Toshio Nakagawa becomes the new chairman of the Japan Medical Association

Vice Chairman Toshio Nakagawa was elected as the new chairman after defeating his current position aiming for the fifth term at the Japan Medical Association presidential election.

The Japan Medical Association held a delegation meeting in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo on the 27th, and held a presidential election following the expiration of the term of office.

In the chairman's election, Yoshitake Yokokura (75), who has been serving as chairman for the fourth term for eight years, and Vice Chairman Toshio Nakagawa (69), run for two candidates, excluding the one who was absent. A vote was held by the members of the Diet.

As a result, Nakagawa was elected as the new president with 191 votes, Yokokura 174 votes, white votes 4 votes, and invalid votes 2 votes.

Mr. Nakagawa is 69 years old. He is the president of a hospital in Hokkaido and has been the vice chairman for 10 consecutive years for 5 consecutive terms.

While the response to the new coronavirus continued, it was pointed out that "it is not the case when elections are held", but Mr. Yokokura who appeals for the continuity of the policy in an emergency and Nakagawa calling for a renewal of a long-term system There was a fierce election battle among them, and Vice Chairman Nakagawa defeated the current chairman and was elected as the new chairman.