According to press reports, Moroccan international Ashraf Hakimi is close to joining Inter Milan, ending an anticipation period for a possible return to Real Madrid.

Today, Saturday, the Moroccan player will conclude his second season with Germany's Borussia Dortmund, when he faces a match against Hoffenheim in the last stage of the league.

Hakimi played with Dortmund loaned from Real Madrid, and fans of the Royal Club were expecting the return of the Moroccan defender, especially after his brilliance during his stay in the German League.

However, he decided to leave permanently, and press reports stated that Hakimi is preparing to sign his transfer to Inter Milan for 40 million euros, which Real will receive, while the player will receive 5 million euros annually under the contract that will link him with the Italian team for 5 years.

According to the Spanish newspaper "S", Hakimi refused to return to Real Madrid to be a reserve for Spanish club Danny Carvajal, who is considered the first choice for coach of the royal club Zinedine Zidane.

The newspaper pointed out that the player - who was less than 21 years old - contacted the Real administration and informed them of his position months ago, which paved the way for him to negotiate with a number of clubs that showed interest in his services.

She pointed out that Hakimi chose Inter Milan because he had received guarantees that he would be a key element in coach Antonio Conte's plans, and the player also believes that Inter will be an important milestone in his career.

The "S" confirmed that the economic option resolved the Hakimi deal because he would receive a salary that Real Madrid would not provide, and that the latter would receive an important financial reward that strengthens the team's accounts in light of the crisis caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus.