Fazer says it is considering changing the name of Geisha chocolate. The issue came up on Twitter when a twitter user asked why Fazer still has Geisha bars.

- Geisha has been used by Fazer for about 100 years and we understand that the world has changed during that time. What was exotic and interesting in the early 20th century often seems inappropriate in today’s world. We take feedback seriously and are currently considering options for the brand, Fazer tweeted.

According to Liisa Eerola, Communications Director at Fazer Confectionery, the need to review the Geisha chocolate brand has been identified at Fazer before.

- We have received feedback both for and against. There has been a lot of talk about racism in the Twitter discussion, but we have also received feedback on issues related to cultural ownership and equality for women. We want to take the feedback seriously and explore what would be the right solution.

- A familiar female figure from chocolate has been taken out of the packaging before. Today, the brand is based very strongly on pink color and flowers.

Eerola believes that the visual look of the brand will be maintained even if the name changes. However, no decisions have yet been made on changing the name.

- We have also received feedback asking us not to make hasty decisions. We think carefully about what we are doing about it. It's a big project.

Fazer Geisha chocolate was not the only product whose brand has sparked debate.

Anter Yasa asked Valio on Twitter why the man in Valio's Turkish yogurt pack has a fetish on his head. The cylindrical and flat-roofed fetish was Turkey’s national headdress from the 1830s to the 1920s until its use was banned by the country’s leader, Kemal Atatürk.

Today, fetish represents a reactionary past for many Turks.

- It is not understood to question the use or image of Fets at all when making the drawing. So this is a simple explanation. We are currently planning a new package, a Valio representative replied.

Yasa later tweeted that it was a joke for her, and there is no problem with the packaging for her.

The Eskimo ice cream maker also said this week that it plans to change the name of its favorite product.

- We are currently working on the subject very recently. For us, equality is terribly important, and no group should experience inequality in any way. We have this strongly on our desk, Minna Brunberg, Marketing Director of Froneri Finland, which manufactures Eskimo sticks, told IS.