• 12-J. "We do not accept that defending freedom is provoking", defends Santiago Abascal before the incidents against Vox
  • Survey.The CIS increases the PNV's advantage in the Basque Country and rules out the collapse of Podemos
  • Analysis: Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Iñigo Urkullu hope to destroy 12-J thanks to their management of the coronavirus

On April 3, 2019, Carlos Iturgaiz closed the door of the disappointed policy with the leadership of the PP of Pablo Casado. A year later he did not hesitate to say yes to his "president" to face a major challenge at the polls as a candidate for Lehendakari on July 12.

The incidents at the Vox rallies have marked the beginning of the Basque campaign, is the Ertzaintza guaranteeing the freedom to do politics in the Basque Country? I want to show solidarity with the attacked deputy. Freedom of expression is sacred and this is a Basque Country that we must all do together. The only ones left over are the pro-ETA thugs who sabotage any act. Are you concerned about the leading role these violent incidents give Santiago Abascal as a political rival? The only alternative to nationalism is the PP and Ciudadanos coalition. Let Vox voters know that Carlos Iturgaiz defends the Constitution, the Statute, the unity of Spain and freedom in this land. In recent months we have seen Iñigo Urkullu participating in the conference of presidents normally and the PNV supporting the measures de Sánchez in Congress. Are you still defending that the PNV wants to break Spain? Without a doubt. The objective of the PNV will always be to break Spain, even if it modulates it at times. In elections, the PNV puts a candle to God, but before long he will put a candle to the devil and will seek a pact with Bildu to take his sovereign plan out of the drawer. A new Basque status with which there will be first class Basques who will be nationalists, and third or regional Basques, who will be constitutionalists. A Popular Front in Spain has been activated between the left and all the Catalan and Basque secessionists, including the PNV. They want a federal Spain that transfers the right of self-determination to the Basque Country and Catalonia and to isolate the center-right in this country. The PP had a cordial relationship with the PNV until the motion of censure against Rajoy of 2018. Do you trust Ortuzar And Urkullu? The Basque word of the PNV is not trustworthy and we suffer it in our meats. The PP government had committed investments with deadlines set for the Basque Country and, overnight, Sánchez and Iglesias delayed projects as important as that of the Basque Y. Urkullu and the PNV are co-responsible for the fact that Sánchez and Iglesias are in La Moncloa. Urkullu wants to reissue his agreement in Euskadi with the Socialist Party and the PNV is Sánchez's preferred partner in Madrid, what consequences does this double pact have in Euskadi? de Podemos wastes time when he claims a government called left with EH Bildu and the socialists. Even Otegi said it was science fiction. To vote for Urkullu is to vote for Sánchez, it is to vote for chaos and falsehood, because we do not even know the deaths that Covid-19 has caused in Spain. PNV and PSE-EE are in all the Basque institutions to distribute the armchairs and the official beach bars. The coalition agreement with Ciudadanos caused an internal crisis with the forced resignation of Alfonso Alonso, is his appointment as a candidate for 'Lehendakari' a return to the past? With all loyalty I have taken a step forward. I made a parenthesis in my political life and told Pablo Casado that he would always have me for what he needed. And I have always had to deal with the most difficult moments of the Basque PP. I am delighted because I have a magnificent human team. Is it consistent to point out Sánchez as responsible for everything bad while Ciudadanos flirts with possible agreements with the socialist president? It is necessary to differentiate, because Ciudadanos has supported him in the state of alarm but they criticize him in many other aspects. One thing does not remove the other. PP and Ciudadanos agree that Sánchez is sinking the international credit of Spain both for the lousy health management and for his economic decisions. The PP has turned to supporting him from the national leadership to all the territorial 'barons', why does Iturgaiz take out shine to the initials of the PP in Euskadi while Feijóo hides them in Galicia? Alberto Núñez Feijóo has Partido Popular tattooed on his forehead. And he is having a fantastic electoral campaign with Pablo Casado. I have buried seven companions by these acronyms. I carry the PP in my blood. I will be able to leave politics but I will never leave the PP. Married has described him as a moral giant and stressed that he has been the most voted candidate for 'lehendakari' of the PP, where are the 144,000 votes lost between the 1998 results and the 2016 - Many have been lost to the right center division. Others because the PP's corruption scandals at the national level were reflected in votes. Likewise, some references were lost and the bow of the ship deviated from the north. Carlos Iturgaiz is the Popular Party of all life. The one who wants the defense of the unity of Spain at all costs. I am more Basque than the Gernika tree. Nobody can give me Basque lessons and I am very proud to feel Spanish.

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