The F1 world is in turmoil again as formula mogul Bernie Ecclestone shared outspoken comments on Friday in an interview with CNN.

In particular, six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, 35, has in recent weeks criticized formula circles for not addressing racism and inequality adequately.

Hamilton has also established the Hamilton Commission, which aims to promote pluralism and diversity in formulas.

However, in an interview with CNN, 89-year-old Ecclestone questioned the effectiveness of Hamilton’s campaigning in making confusing comments.

- In many cases, blacks are more racist than whites, Ecclestone even pondered.

Ecclestone, now an advisor, led the companies that managed the F1 series until 2017.

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British star Hamilton quickly commented on Ecclestone’s statements on his Instagram account.

“Bernie is no longer involved in sports and the different generation, but that’s what shows what’s wrong - ignorant and uneducated comments that show how much we in society have to do to make equality a reality,” Hamilton wrote in the Stories section of Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton, a greenish cloth on his face, took part in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in London on 21 June.

Photo: Ollie Millington / RMV / Zuma / MVPhotos

Hamilton said on Instagram that he now understands why no action was taken during Ecclestone in the F1 series to combat racist bullying or increase diversity.

- If a person who has run a sport for years lacks an understanding of the deep-rooted problems we blacks face every day, how can we imagine that his subordinates would have understood.

Hamilton concluded his statement with a promise to continue the fight to create a more equal and inclusive sports world.

The F1 series also withdrew from Ecclestone’s views on its official website.

- At a time when unity is needed to combat racism and inequality, we completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone's comments, which have no place in the Formula 1 series or in society, was the official statement of the F1 Series.