It was mid-morning in a smaller community outside Norrköping on Wednesday, April 15, that the 39-year-old met the girl on a walkway.

According to the indictment, the man must have pulled the girl into a bush cake and struck her there and held a knife to her neck. Then the 39-year-old dragged the girl on to a forest grove where he undressed and tied her hands behind her back. The girl was then beaten and raped during the death threats.

Police were able to quickly arrest the 39-year-old and he was arrested the same day.

Previously convicted of sex abuse against children

"The act has been of a particularly reckless and dangerous nature," the prosecutor writes in the prosecution, which claims responsibility on the charges of attempted murder, human robbery, serious abuse, gross rape against children, abuse in trial and robbery.

The 39-year-old was sentenced in the summer of 2018 to one year and nine months in prison for gross sexual abuse of children. The girl who was then exposed was twelve years old at the time of the crime.