On Thursday, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) on suspicion against the suspects of the Djordy Latumahina crime murder pronounced that the men would belong to a murder command. PGP messages are proof of this.

It was previously announced that three out of a total of five men are now also suspected of involvement in the intention to liquidate criminal leader Naoufal 'Noffel' F. in Berlin in 2015.

The OM showed an extensive presentation on Thursday with a range of messages between a group of men, in which the preparation of Noffel's murder was discussed.

One of them is Omar L, who was sentenced to life. In a PGP message (Pretty Good Privacy) attributed to him to suspect Salim B., it says: "Does that man (Noffel, ed.) Want more than you believe me? Man has my murdered brother. "

Noffel would have been involved in the double murder in the Amsterdam Staatsliedenbuurt in 2012, although he was never prosecuted for that. One of the victims was L. Youssef's brother.

Djordy became the victim of a mix-up

According to the OM, B. is the person who would provide Cedric R. with murder orders. He would in turn pass it on to Djurgen W. and Tony D. as performers.

Similarly, the murder of Gino M. The man was the intended target of the shooting in October 2016, of which Djordy Latumahina was the victim of a mistake. The man was attacked with his girlfriend and child and died. The woman was seriously injured.

The Public Prosecution Service would like the new investigation results to be included in the appeal in the Djordy case. According to the judiciary, the PGP messages reinforce the suspicion against the men of involvement in the murder. This applies, among others, to D., who is considered by the Public Prosecutor as a gunner, but was acquitted by the court.