The artist, author Katariina Souri, 51, appears on the pages of the legendary Playboy magazine published in June. Souri (then Kärkkäinen), who appeared in Playmatena 1988 in an extensive article of the month, tells readers what belongs to him now and what has happened to him over the decades. The magazine's interview has also gained visibility in Finland.

Kata bursts into her familiar laughter when asked what kind of feedback the June article has received. He admits to receiving positive feedback from friends and acquaintances, but some have also disagreed.

- Yes, of course many get annoyed that it's still a middle-aged akka riding that Playboy. I always inadvertently manage to provoke reactions for and against, he laughs.

Souri admits to receiving positive feedback from friends and acquaintances, but some have also disagreed.

Photo: Lassi Rinne

Souri thinks that if that were not the case, he might even worry about tacit approval. The gorgeous woman strongly emphasizes that this was now just this one article.

- I don't feel like I'm back in Playboy, because no new pictures have been taken. Sure, it was great that they are now interested in it, what I do and who I am as a person.

Souri says the article in the magazine was worked out carefully and professionally.

- The best thing about aging is that you are primarily something other than an external being. The experience was thus empowering and of course I've been that my thoughts were as much space and attention, he says.

A particularly great thing for Sour was that the magazine published many pictures of his art.

Catherine Souri appeared as Playmate of the Month in 1988.

Kata Souri tells us about the days of smooth painting and book work today. The energetic woman emphasizes that she is now completing her work Touching the Bottom, which has been under construction for a couple of years. He reveals that he has made an option agreement for his novel with the production company Gutsy Animations, which produces the new Moomin series. The company is trying to raise funds for an international TV series.

- I hope the series goes into production. In terms of art, no major exhibition is now known, says Souri, who mainly sells his work online.

The theme of the Playboy interview is “playmate revisited,” and in the interview, Souri also talks about her alliance with sculptor Eliya Zweygberg and how people felt about her alliance with the woman.

- There have been no contacts about the story from abroad, as it has only been on the magazine's website. Admittedly, they just emailed that the article goes to the main page of the magazine. As a result of the story, the best thing would be to get foreign customers, for example, or even an exhibition behind the cinderella, Kata enthusiastically.

Photo: Joonas Salo

Although Souri once appeared on Playboy’s website, the doors to overseas did not open. At home, however, he was fully employed.

- Nothing I regret. Sure, it could have been easier in this life, he thinks and goes on:

- If anyone imagines Playboy to have been some sort of short-cut something, so I can assure receipt to work extra hard, so I've done as an artist and a writer, he says.

- The summer has seemed to be so longing for some social life, and even for the human relationship, the artist Katariina Souri, who has been alone for a year, says.

Photo: Pentti Nissinen

Sour and Zweygberg's cohabitation ended a year ago. Souri says loneliness has done good. The stage of life that has gone to him has been really important.

- Alone I continue. The summer has seemed to miss some social life - and interpersonal relationships, Kata thinks.

He thinks people might already be so tired of the news of his staggered relationships and differences, and he wouldn’t want to bully or strain anyone with new interpersonal headlines anymore.

- Especially not myself and a potential partner. That’s why I need to use more discretion before I jump into anything.

The past year has been a place for Sour to find his own kind. He admits he has been unaware of what he wants and where he is going.

- I've been collecting power-ups and rested a lot and tried to give space for things to happen without having to force anything I push forward, he says.

Souri admits that a year of loneliness has helped.

- Now something is gradually starting to open up. I cannot define in more detail which direction I want to go from here. I miss something new and inspiring. I believe life can still be pleasantly surprising, and some new phase is about to begin. Whatever it is, remains to be seen, Souri speculates.