China News Service, June 25, according to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, June 24, local time, the Italian Sicily Region President Musumic confirmed that the German "Ocean Watch 3" rescue ship carrying 211 refugees After calling the Italian port, the number of newly diagnosed patients with new pneumonia has increased to 28 in less than two days, and most of the infected people have no clinical symptoms.

  According to reports, after the German "Ocean Watch 3" rescue ship was allowed to dock at the port of Empedocles in the province of Agrigento on the south coast of Sicily, Italy, the local health department began to conduct a virus test on the refugees on the ship on the 23rd. The refugee was diagnosed with infection.

  As of 24th, 28 refugees had been diagnosed on board. The first refugees to be infected were the only patients with clinical symptoms.

  The Italian Red Cross, which is responsible for virus detection of German rescue ships, said that currently confirmed refugees have been quarantined on board and will be forced to quarantine for 15 days. There are now 26 staff on board responsible for related work, including medical staff, interpreters and police officers.

  The Italian Ministry of Health stated that in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements for isolation and epidemic prevention measures, the health department has established a "red zone" on the rescue ship, and all personal protective equipment is required to enter the "zone". Undiagnosed refugees will also adopt compulsory quarantine measures. Refugees at the end of the quarantine period need to be tested before they can land.

  The Italian Ministry of the Interior stated that in order to protect public health and safety and prevent the spread of the new crown epidemic, the authorities have ordered a mandatory quarantine for all refugees ashore. In the future, all refugees who arrive in Italy must abide by the guidelines and related testing procedures formulated by the Ministry of Health on the protection of the isolation system, as well as various epidemic prevention laws.

  The mayor of Empedocles, Kamina, expressed strong dissatisfaction with the affected refugee ships docking in the city. He complained to the media that as the head of a city, he was the last to learn that the refugee ships were docking and the refugees were infected with the virus. News people. He said that the port of Empedocles is no longer a safe port, and the people of the city have been exposed to the danger of the new coronavirus pandemic.

  Musumeci, President of the Sicily Region, pointed out that the regional government strongly urged the Italian central government to come up with specific solutions and solutions to the refugee problem to prevent outbreaks in Sicily. (Boyuan)