Have you been on a weight meter recently to suddenly discover that you weighed five kilos without feeling? Did you discover that the suit jacket is no longer closing on you? Did your favorite dress suddenly get tight? The reason is to gain weight that you don't want, and here we will give you reasons why.

Gaining weight without a clear cause is very frustrating. You think that you are moderate in your food, but you discover that your body does not share your opinion.

We give you 10 reasons that you can gain weight without knowing:

1- Hypothyroidism, which is a hormonal imbalance that leads to a decrease in the secretion of the thyroid hormone, which leads to weight gain.

The thyroid gland is mainly responsible for the production of two hormones, (T3) and (T4) that travel with the bloodstream to all parts of the body, and this gland plays an important role in controlling many activities such as the speed with which the body burns calories, and the heart rate.

Hypothyroidism, when hypothyroidism is not produced, is more common in women, especially those over 60.

2- Eat a lot of highly processed foods (which were made by adding sugar, flavors and preservatives) such as morning grains, fast food, and microwave meals, as they contain many calories, sugars, preservatives, and unhealthy added fat.

Numerous studies also associate highly processed foods with weight gain.

3- Eat a lot of sugar in foods and drinks, such as sweets, cakes, soda, sports drinks, ice cream, iced tea, sweet coffee drinks and fruit juices. Several studies link sugar intake to weight gain.

4- Following an inactive lifestyle, such as working in an office job, watching TV for long periods of time, not walking and using the car for the shortest distances.

5- Adopting a severe weight loss regimen that leads to cycles of rapid weight loss and recovery, and possibly a higher weight. I mean, if you lost in the fast (unhealthy) diet system five kilograms, after stopping it you will discover that you have increased eight kilograms.

Studies reveal that a severe diet can lead to weight gain due to your physiological responses to such behaviors, such as increased hunger.

Some data suggest that most people who lose weight through a harsh diet regain most or all of it within five years.

6- Ovarian cyst syndrome is a condition that may affect women, affects ovarian function, and hormonal imbalances occur that may cause weight gain.

7- Some medications can lead to weight gain, such as depression and antipsychotic medicines.

8- Lack of sleep, as not enough sleep may lead to weight gain. On the other hand, increasing your sleep time may help you lose weight.

Some evidence links sleep seven hours or more per night with a 33% greater risk of losing weight, compared to sleeping less than seven hours.

9 - Constant stress, as it was proven that high levels of the stress hormone "cortisol" increase hunger and the desire to eat foods that contain a lot of calories and that can cause weight gain.

Conversely, managing and reducing stress may promote weight loss. In a study of people with obesity, those who participated in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing lost much more weight than those who only received dietary advice.

10- Unconscious Eating. You eat while watching TV or browsing the mobile, so you don't feel satiated and you eat more of it without subduing your hunger.

In return, we give you the following tips:

1- Follow a new and permanent lifestyle based on healthy food, and not follow harsh diets.

2- Doing exercise and exercise.

3- Increase your daily activity, such as walking instead of using the car, sitting less, and walking after dinner instead of watching TV.

4- Reducing processed and processed foods.

5- Reducing or avoiding sugar, even in fruit juices.

6- Eat foods rich in nutrients such as vegetables and fruits, and whole foods rich in fiber such as brown bread and brown rice.

7 - Exercising attentive eating, that is, when you eat, do not do anything else, eat slowly and enjoy every bite you eat.

8- Get enough sleep.

9- If you suspect that your medications are causing weight gain, talk to your doctor, who may change them for you with other alternatives.

10- Make sure to receive treatment for any diseases that lead to weight gain, such as hypothyroidism and PCOS.