Hot comments on both sides of the strait丨Cooperating with the United States in spreading political viruses, "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence" are really ugly

  The DPP authorities have increasingly engaged in so-called "diplomatic breakthroughs" in the international community. Their leaders have recently delivered a video speech at the "2020 Copenhagen Democracy Summit" by recording and broadcasting, and they have cooperated with the United States to spread the "political virus". It exposed its political nature of seeking "independence" internationally on various occasions and in various names.

  Of course, this "Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2020" is not a serious international occasion, but just a platform for non-governmental organizations that some Western politicians have created. The sponsor is a non-governmental organization. The video connection was attended by U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, NATO Deputy Secretary-General Gewana, Hong Kong Chaos Huang Zhifeng and others. The theme of the meeting, the organizer and former Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen said very clearly: "Democratic countries should unite against China."

  It is not difficult to understand why these Western politicians must bring the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, Tsai Ing-wen, and the chaotic Hong Kong element Huang Zhifeng together for a meeting, and it is not difficult to think that Pompeo would violate basic facts and basic rules of international relations. Remarks, once again unfounded accusations against China, provoking other countries' relations with China.

  Both "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence" have given full cooperation to this political performance show led by the United States and led by Western anti-China forces. The US government wants to use gray techniques to travel between the two sides of the strait. "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence" are also happy to have such an opportunity to show their goodwill to the United States. Naturally, they are trying very hard under the guise of "democracy" and acting as "anti- The scandal that shook the flag.

  In particular, Tsai Ing-wen once again reiterated his cliché of "seeking independence through epidemic". She not only slandered the WHO’s failure to invite Taiwan to attend this year’s World Health Assembly as “politically overriding health,” but also described her co-occurrence with “Hong Kong independence” as “our heart is with the people of Hong Kong”. The thief shouts to catch the thief's face is really ugly!

  In this "support unit" of the so-called "2020 Copenhagen Democracy Summit", there is an organization called "Taiwan Democracy Foundation", which played the role of Taiwan in last year's Hong Kong "revision storm". The money-granting role in Hong Kong's black hands. No wonder Taiwanese netizens pointed out that this meeting "said that the summit was somewhat reluctant, and the Taiwan authorities paid for it, opened a video conference, and told some falsehoods"; and Taiwanese netizens bluntly stated that the spirit of this conference is "we lie, we deceive, we theft".

  This is like what the Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said when he criticized Pompeo’s untrue statements: The Chinese people have already seen through this, and he has no market in the international community. Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, also pointed out: Advise the DPP authorities to abandon the "Taiwan independence" separatist plan and stop international so-called "diplomatic" breakthroughs. We also urge the countries concerned to abide by the one-China principle and not provide any stage and convenience for the DPP authorities to seek "independence" internationally.

  Regarding the island’s green media, the DPP’s “diplomatic breakthrough” has been touted again. The DPP’s legislators also jumped out and shouted that “Taiwan is seen by the world.” Mainland netizens only felt “ridiculous”. The "Taiwan Independence" and "Hong Kong Independence" formally waved to the American master and begged for pity. The diaphragm should not reach the mainland; what the world sees will not be Taiwan, but the shame of the "Taiwan Independence" clowns.

  The one-China principle is a universally accepted norm of international relations and a common consensus of the international community. It was formed in the just struggle of the Chinese people to defend China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it has an unshakable fact and legal basis. "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence" should be very clear about their final outcome: any attempt to split the motherland will not succeed! (Text丨Zhao Jing)