• School, Azzolina proposes reopening on 14 September, Thursday confrontation with local authorities
  • School, Azzolina: never thought of closing students in cabins


24 June 2020 Differentiated shifts, classroom lessons also on Saturdays and online, civic education arrives. It will be the principals, with wide autonomy to decide the study modalities. There is no mention of masks and plexiglass in the text, only visors for nursery teachers. There are no more teachers.

Expanding training offer in new spaces
"For the widest possible realization of the school service under the conditions, local authorities, public and private institutions operating in the area, the third sector and schools undertake to sign specific agreements, such as" Educational agreements of community ". This is what we read in a draft of the 2020-2021 school plan.

"The involvement of the various public subjects and private actors, in a logic of maximum adherence to the principle of subsidiarity and educational co-responsibility, takes place through the tool of the conference of services referred to above. Thus implementing the constitutional principles and values, for the which all the components of the Republic are committed to ensuring the realization of education and education, and strengthening the educational, civil and social alliance of which the educational institutions are necessary, but not unique, interpreters, this conference is convened by the Local authority of reference for the purpose of identifying purposes, objectives, roles and tasks, activities and actions, use of resources and partnerships, evaluation and monitoring methods in particular to: favor the making available of other structures or spaces, such as parks, theaters , libraries, cinemas, museums, in order to be able to carry out further educational activities or alternatives to those t additionally, however, aimed at educational purposes - it is added - to create the conditions for the presence at school or in the other external spaces of educational staff responsible for supplementary or alternative activities to teaching, also related to the third sector (e.g. amateur sports associations), to musical, theatrical and artistic associations in general. This staff must be involved not only in the contents of these activities but also in the responsibility connected with the pupils' surveillance and surveillance tasks.

"" The draft states that the opportunity remains for schools to take advantage of the additional forms of flexibility from the Autonomy tool, based on the spaces available and the needs of families and the territory, which include, for example: a reconfiguration of the class group into multiple learning groups; the modular articulation of groups of pupils from the same or from different classes or from different course years; school attendance in different shifts, also by varying the application of the solutions in relation to the age groups of pupils and students in the different school grades; for secondary schools of II degree, a fruition for students, appropriately planned, of didactic activity in presence and integrated digital didactics, where the technological opportunities, the age and the competences of the students allow it; the aggregation of disciplines in disciplinary areas and areas, where not already provided for by recent legislative innovations; the extension of weekly school time to Saturday, if not already provided for, by resolution of the competent collegial bodies ". 

" The school institutions - it is still read in the draft - will take care to guarantee, for each pupil, the same educational offer, without prejudice to the opportunity to adopt different organizational solutions, to carry out educational or training activities parallel or alternatives to traditional teaching "." The tools of didactic and organizational autonomy "can" allow a different division of the teaching time, more functional to the modular declination of school time also in reference to the needs that may arise from the implementation, starting from September 1, 2020 and during the year 2020-2021, of the activities related to the Individualized Learning Plans (PAD and the Integration Plans of Learning (PIA ) referred to in the OM May 16, 2020, No. 11 ".

Maternal: acclimatization, group stability, outdoor spaces and not masks
For kindergarten activities "the enhancement and use of all indoor and outdoor spaces, favoring where possible, and limited to the occurrence of favorable climatic conditions, the use of open spaces". in a draft of the '2020-2021 School Plan' "The next reopening of kindergartens requires the adoption of measures particularly attentive to ensuring compliance not only with health requirements, but also with the pedagogical quality of relationships. The organization of the different moments of the educational day must be serene and respectful of the typical modalities of child development, so children must be put in a position to be able to express themselves naturally and without constraints ", reads again." Special "attention it should be given to children who are registered for the first time, providing reserved moments of listening and first acclimatization for them (and their parents) .This warning is important for all children attending, for whom abruptly interrupted experiences must be re-knotted and who should be prepared for the new meeting, gradually involving them considering their tender age - in the assumption of the new rules of safety and respect ", reads more.

"The use of masks - it is still read in the draft - is not foreseen for minors of six years and protective devices for adults (for which the use of" light "visors and, when appropriate, gloves are recommended of nitrile) must not stop the possibility of being recognized and of maintaining close contact with young children and between the children themselves. Empathy and the art of encouraging are among the fundamental attitudes of those who exercise the role of educator and as a teacher, all the more important on the occasion of emergency situations such as those we are experiencing, where the school is asked to exercise a role of reassurance and building trust ". In addition, it is emphasized, in the redesign of the spaces and educational environments dedicated to kindergarten, some "precautions" should be followed: "stability of the groups: children attend for the expected time of presence, with the same teachers and collaborators of reference; the availability of an internal space for exclusive use for each group of children, with their respective furnishings and games that will be properly sanitized. All available spaces (sections, antisections, halls, lobbies, laboratories, ateliers) will have to be "reconverted" into distinct and separate spaces to permanently accommodate learning, relationship and play groups. Spaces can be changed only after careful sanitation; continuous ventilation of the rooms is recommended; breakfast or snack will be consumed in the same experience space dedicated to the group of children; the complete meal, including first course, second course, side dish, water and fruit will be consumed in the spaces used for school meals, adequately organized, or according to the general suggestions given later; the subdivision, with mobile signs, of any outdoor spaces available for the different groups of children present in the school, with the use by each group of a dedicated area with their own games, even in alternate times, after cleaning the structures.