• Zanardi, fourth night of hospitalization. The hospital: "stable conditions"
  • Zanardi, the doctors: "There is still the risk of adverse events". Cell phone and handbike seized
  • "Do not give up", tam-tam on social media between prayers and encouragement for Alex Zanardi


June 24, 2020 "Dear Alessandro, his story is an example of how to be able to start again after a sudden stop. Through sport he taught us to live life as a protagonist, making disability a lesson in humanity". With these words begins the letter that Pope Francis wrote to Alex Zanardi, the champion who struggles for life in a hospital in Siena after the serious accident last Friday with his handbike. 

The Holy Father sent the message through the Gazzetta dello Sport that yesterday also hosted the intervention of Don Marco Pozza, a friend of Zanardi. The marathons of New York, Venice and Padua ran together. "Alex likes Francis because he is very close to the meaning of his pontificate, because he has transformed disability into a great lesson in humanity - explains Don Marco Pozza to the Gazzetta dello Sport -. And the Pope always tries to restore self-esteem to those in difficulty , to those who feel on the margins. Because the real disabled person is someone who has no self-esteem ".

"Thank you for giving strength to those who had lost her. In this very painful moment I am close to you, I pray for you and your family. May the Lord bless you and Our Lady guard you. Fraternally", the conclusion of the Pope's message Bergoglio to Alex Zanardi