• Zanardi, the doctors: "There is still the risk of adverse events". Seized mobile phone and handbike
  • Zanardi: second night in intensive care, is stable, remains in a pharmacological coma
  • "Do not give up", tam-tam on social media between prayers and encouragement for Alex Zanardi
  • Handbike accident, Alex Zanardi hospitalized in very serious conditions
  • Zanardi, the videomaker who filmed the accident talks: "A wheel moved in a strange way"
  • Zanardi, the doctors: "Confident in his ability to recover"


23 June 2020 Fourth night spent in intensive care for Alex Zanardi at the Santa Maria alle Scotte polyclinic in Siena, where he is hospitalized since Friday evening after the neurosurgical operation for the trauma to the skull and face reported following the accident with the handbike against a truck along the provincial road 146 in the municipality of Pienza (Si). "The patient's condition is stable, there have been no significant changes," says the hospital. The athlete continues to be kept in a pharmacological coma. A new medical bulletin will be issued around noon.

Meanwhile, interrogations by the Prosecutor of Siena have resumed, aimed at clarifying the logistical and organizational aspects of the 'Obiettivo Tricolore' relay during which Zanardi was injured during the road accident with a truck in the municipality of Pienza.

Handbike and new expert interrogators
Human error or mechanical failure? Logistical-organizational methods not appropriate for the event? These are the main issues that the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri of Montepulciano (Siena) and coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of Siena Serena Menicucci will have to resolve. The answers could come from a technical report on the champion's handbike and, as regards the safety aspects of the event, from the interrogations that the magistrates have been carrying out since Saturday and which have also resumed this morning.