It was in mid-April that the five men masked and penetrated a 30-year-old man's apartment in Kramfors. Forcibly, the apartment owner's eyes were taped over and his hands taped together. He was then threatened by the men, three of them armed, one with a gun-like object and two with swords. The 30-year-old described in court the fear he felt when he thought he would be beheaded with his own samurai sword.

The men then stole a thousand dollars in cash, a soft airgun and a sword from the 30-year-old's apartment.

Comrade turned down

At the same time as the attack on the man was going on, a peers came to the apartment. He testified in court that he took a step into the hall, then turned black. He was hit in the head and forced into a bed and the men put something over his head. They then stole his money, a cellphone and then disappeared from the spot in his car.

All five were later arrested by police and charged. All but one of them have since acknowledged at least parts of what they have been charged with. The men are between 17 and 36 years old, all living in the Kramfors area. The two oldest men, 36 and 21 years old, are already known by the police. They are also considered to have been the instigators of the crime.

Imprisonment and damages

All five are now being convicted of assault, unlawful arrest, gross theft and gross car theft. The eldest man, who was also the one who denied the crime, received the harshest punishment. Two years and two months in prison. The 21-year-old received two years in prison and two younger men one year each. One of the defendants was only seventeen years when the crime was committed and he is therefore sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

Together, the quintet will now pay SEK 26,300 in damages to the abusive apartment owner and SEK 9,000 to his stolen friend.