• Formia, 22 million assets seized from coachbuilder near the Casalesi
  • Camorra, in handcuffs 3 of the Casalesi clan and 13 of the Di Lauro


June 23, 2020 There is a bit of everything in the definitive confiscation of assets for 22 million euros from the 'Iovine group' of the Casalesi clan. There are 7 businesses; 9 properties and two lands, one in Rome and one in the province of L'Aquila; 2 large-displacement cars and two motorcycles

To carry out the operation the military of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome, after the confiscation decree and placed by the Capitoline Court of Appeal against five members of the group, who acted in the Roman suburbs of Acilia.

The 2013 investigations
The provision, final as a result of the ruling of the Court of Cassation, starts from a vast investigation by the Yellow Flames which in October 2013 led to the arrest of Mario Iovine, Sergio Guarnera, Sandro Guarnera, Franco Crispoldi and Arben Zogu for the crimes of extortion, usury, fictitious registration of assets and illegal competition with threats or violence.
Even then, the existence of a joint venture in the machine and slot machine sector, imposed in the territory of Acilia to authorized commercial establishments, had already been ascertained.

The collaboration between the
Le Fiamme Gialle clans has ascertained the existence of a real joint venture in the sector of "slot machines" - imposed in the territory of Acilia on authorized businesses also through the use of intimidating and violent actions - between exponents of Campania organized crime summit ("Iovine Group") and well-known characters from the Roman "underworld" ("Guarnera Group").

A life above the lines
From the economic-patrimonial controls it emerged, moreover, that the suspects had accumulated a wealth of considerable value, "disproportionately to the perceived legitimate income", and led a standard of living "absolutely inconsistent with their possibilities economic. "