24 January 2017 The Brescia Court of Appeal "considers it necessary to declare that there is no need to proceed with the revision of the final conviction sentence issued against Stasi Alberto and this for the simple reason that no application has been made in this regard by the possibly legitimate subjects and that the code does not contemplate any power "ex officio," in the hands of the abstractly competent judicial authority "according to the procedure.

It is written in the provision which denied the revision of the irrevocable sentence for Alberto Stasi, sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of Chiara Poggi. To the Court "there is no request" from the defense of Stasi who only filed the results of the defensive investigations with the Public Prosecutor General of Milan by asking for "new" investigations (...) and soliciting - on the outcome, if any - the activation of the powers (...) proper "of the pg which" once received the defensive request, sent it sic and sempliciter ", that is without opinion" to this Court ". 

Defense Stasi, we reserve the right to ask for review
The defense of Alberto Stasi, after the "no need to provide for the revision of the irrevocable sentence" with which Alberto Stasi was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of his fiancée Chiara Poggi declared that "he never presented no instance "for the reopening of the case and that" reserves the right to present one directly to the Court of Appeal of Brescia after the collection of other defensive elements ". This was explained by Giada Bocellari, one of Stasi's lawyers, who kept to clarify that last December an application for a review request was submitted to the public prosecutor's office in Milan, following investigations by the judiciary ".