(A close look at China) The first video meeting with Xi Jinping’s intention, original intention and confidence

  China News Agency, Beijing, June 23 Question: For the first video meeting, Xi Jinping conveyed his intention, original intention and confidence

  Author Zhong Sanping

  On the evening of June 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the new EU leaders for the first time, using the "screen-to-screen" approach for the first time. At the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Europe, China and Europe focused on the "post-epidemic era" of China and Europe relationship.

  Interviewed experts on China-EU relations believe that under the background of the epidemic that has brought the world to more unstable and uncertain factors, Xi Jinping held an online meeting with European leaders during the 22nd China-EU Leaders Meeting to demonstrate China’s The intention, original intention and confidence in developing and maintaining China-EU relations.

  This intention is reflected in the form, but also in the content. Unlike the "face-to-face" communication with people familiar with foreign affairs meetings, this meeting used video for the first time. "China has participated in and carried out multiple'cloud' multilateral diplomacy. This meeting is an innovation in the form of bilateral and bilateral exchanges between China and important international politicians, reflecting China and Europe's special expectations for the meeting and their special attention to bilateral relations." China Chen Xin, deputy director of the European Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, said.

  In terms of content, Xi Jinping expressed his willingness to "promote the "post-epidemic era" of Sino-European relations to be more stable and mature, and to a higher level." Feng Zhongping, vice president of the China Institute of Modern International Relations, said that Sino-European cooperation will play a key role in the recovery of the world economy and global governance in the "post-epidemic era." Through careful planning for the future of the relationship between the two sides, China has clearly conveyed a positive signal of coping with the impact of the epidemic situation and adding certainty to the uncertain international situation.

On the evening of June 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with President of the European Council Michelle and President of the European Commission Feng Delaine in Beijing by video. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yanshe

  "Considering that the general term of the new EU leadership is 5 years, Xi Jinping clearly stated the direction of development at the first meeting. It is not only helpful for creating a good start for the relationship development in the next 5 years, but also conducive to the two sides always focusing on the mainstream of cooperation. Not excessively disturbed by noise or noise." Chen Xin said.

  During the meeting, Xi Jinping reiterated the position of "China wants peace and not hegemony" to European leaders, stating that "China is an opportunity and not a threat" and "China is a partner and not an opponent", calling on China and the EU to "expand common interests in cooperation and develop Crack the puzzle".

  Feng Zhongping believes that the above statements are all related to China's "initial intention" of its own development and international cooperation. In recent years, some changes have taken place in Europe's "China view", which not only regards China as a partner, but also competes in some aspects of cooperation. "The Chinese side stated its own development logic during the meeting, mainly to promptly dispel doubts and doubts about some European people's doubts about China."

  To solve the problem of "post-epidemic era" Sino-European cooperation, Xi Jinping stated that Sino-European relations should "strive to nurture new opportunities in a crisis and start a new situation in a changing situation", and China and Europe should do "two forces to maintain global peace and stability" and "promote global development and prosperity" The two major markets, "the two civilizations that adhere to multilateralism and improve global governance."

Data Map: On May 9, 2020, Wuhan, Hubei Province opened the first series of Sino-Europe International Cooperation Anti-epidemic Materials Special Trains. China News Service reporter Zhang Changshe

  It is worth noting that when Xi Jinping first met with EU leaders during the China-EU leaders' meeting in 2013, China and the EU proposed that China and Europe are the "two major forces" to maintain world peace, the "two major markets" to promote common development, and promote humanity. Progressive "two civilizations".

  "Seven years later, Xi Jinping mentioned the above three positionings again, aiming to promote Sino-European relations to keep looking back and consolidating the initial heart of cooperation while keeping pace with the times, grasp the keynote of cooperation in a changing situation, and not shake the foundation of cooperation due to the temporary changes in the situation. "Cui Hongjian, director of the European Institute of the Chinese Academy of International Studies, said.

  Chen Xin believes that Xi Jinping once again explained the two major forces, the two major markets, and the two major civilizations, and intends to go beyond specific affairs to provide strategic guidance for the development of China-EU relations. The epidemic is accelerating the evolution of the international landscape. While responding to internal and external "variables" and stabilizing the fundamental "constant", it can bring predictability and even forward-looking to the relationship between the two parties.

  "China and Europe, as the world's two major powers, two markets, and two civilizations, have global significance for what they advocate, oppose, and cooperate with." As Xi Jinping said in the meeting, in some important and critical areas, China and Europe not only treat the two sides There is a clear plan for "what to cooperate", and it is also used to release confidence in future cooperation. For example, Xi Jinping proposed to strengthen Sino-European cooperation in the green and digital fields and build a green development partner. President of the European Council Michelle and President of the European Commission Von Delaine also said at the meeting that the EU is willing to cooperate with China in promoting green, low-carbon, digital economy and other fields.

Data map: On May 29, 2020, in the Qingdao area of ​​Shandong Free Trade Zone, China Europe International Exchange officially established China Europe International Exchange China (North) Capital Market Service Base. The picture shows the import port of complete vehicles in the Qingdao area of ​​Shandong Free Trade Zone. Photo by Sun Jintao

  Cui Hongjian believes that the above proposal means that the two sides will accelerate the development of new growth points outside the traditional cooperation field. "After the new EU leader takes office, he hopes to hedge the impact of the epidemic through the development of green and digital industries, and upgrade the supply chain of the industrial chain. China and the EU strengthen strategic coordination and policy coordination in the above areas, and increase investment in emerging industries, which is an injection of economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. new motivation."

  Regarding the "what cooperation" between China and Europe, Xi Jinping also proposed that the two sides should strengthen trilateral cooperation with Africa. Michelle and Von Delaine said that the EU adheres to multilateralism and is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China on the trilateral cooperation with Africa. Considering the anti-epidemic and development shortcomings faced by Africa under the epidemic situation, Cui Hongjian believes that this proposal is realistic and targeted. On the one hand, it is to extend the tripartite cooperation to the public health field facing urgent needs, on the other hand, it is also to adhere to multilateralism Improve global governance.

  "In many areas, the cooperation initiative between China and the EU has formed a kind of echo. The increased cooperation between the two sides is bringing extra points to the region and the world." Chen Xin said.

  "In the post-epidemic era, China-EU relations will stabilize the overall situation of cooperation, keep adapting to the new normal and tap more internal cooperation momentum, which will not only help maintain relationship resilience and development momentum, but also contribute to regional and world cooperation confidence." Cui Hongjian said. (Finish)