Ariégeois or not, beware of the counterfeit 50 euro notes in circulation. Drawing. - A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES

They look like 50 euro bills, but they are not worth more than the banknotes used at Monopoly or La Bonne Paye. Counterfeit money circulates in Ariège, in particular around Pamiers, in the north of the department, whose gendarmerie gave the alert on its Facebook page.

The soldiers warn the inhabitants, especially the traders. They logically invite them to refuse tickets when they are certain that they are false, and to try to "keep in mind the physiognomy" of the one who tries to pass them on, before contacting the police or the gendarmerie.

Tricks must not try to sell counterfeit banknotes

Another reminder, based on article 442.7 of the Criminal Code: when they realize the deception, the victims do not have the right to sell counterfeit money in turn, under penalty of 7.500 euros fine.


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