Nearly 100 people working at the current health care unit may have been exposed to the infection, according to hospital manager Harald Roos.

- This applies to all categories of personnel, from service personnel to doctors. We have tested about 30 staff and eleven have tested positive, says Harald Roos.

Which department is affected?

- Because of privacy reasons for both staff and patients, I do not want to comment on it, says Harald Roos.

Sick patient can be a cause

The infection is believed to have come partly from a patient who was admitted to the ward, and partly from staff being infected outside the work. In total, two patients, in addition to the staff, have been tested positive for corona. Helsingborgs Dagblad was the first to report on the affected department.

- There was a patient who was admitted without symptoms or suspicions of the infection. That patient may have infected staff and there is the possibility that staff will pass the infection on to the next patient. What's tricky is that even asymptomatic people can get infected, says Harald Roos.

No more patients should have been infected after that, according to Harald Roos.

- During this period, special care has been taken in patient-close contact, used oral protection and in some cases visor, he says.

"It is important to be observant"

Harald Roos does not believe that the hospital has in any way failed.

- I don't think I can see it. Once the suspicion is verified, lightning-fast action is taken, and I think that it has done very well by limiting patient-close contact and distancing oneself in the ward. Unfortunately this can happen, it is certainly not unique to Helsingborg. The important thing is that you are extremely observant and quick, says Harald Roos.

At the end of April, a section of the laser unit had to be partially closed as half the personnel force fell ill in covid-19. A department at Ängelholm Hospital has also been affected by the virus.