Updated Monday, 22 June 2020 - 22:54

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  • Direct. Latest news from coronavirus
  • EBAU. 17 different Selectivity exams given Manuel Castells' refusal to give unique rules
  • Coronavirus. Selectivity will allow students to examine only what has been studied before confinement
  • Inequality. The regional tombola of passing the course: the Baccalaureate title is achieved with two failures in Aragon and with everything approved in Madrid

The territorial differences of the students in the access to the university begin already from the Bachillerato . At the end of high school, students from the Canary Islands , Andalusia , Murcia or Asturias achieve unusually high grades, taking into account how behind they were two years earlier in PISA or how little they stand out afterwards at university. In exchange, in Catalonia , Navarra , Madrid or Castilla y León they achieve much more modest results in this educational stage, despite how much they shine so much at the end of ESO as in the race.They are the contrasts of an imperfect and highly questioned test that they face from e

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