Thomas Fabius (center) at Roland Garros in 2013 - PDN / SIPA

A luxury watch, a masterpiece ... The Parisian apartment of Thomas Fabius has been burgled, learns 20 minutes from a police source, confirming information from Le Point . It is the guardian of the building of the 7th arrondissement where he resides who warned, Saturday evening, the son of the President of the Constitutional Council who had been away for three days. She had found a DVD player belonging to her on the stairs. She also found it strange that the lights in her home were on and that the window facing the street was open.

The alarm installed in this 285 m2 apartment also went off shortly after his departure, on the morning of June 17. But the concierge and the LAC police officers who had passed by did not find anything abnormal. Saturday evening, Thomas Fabius told agents the disappearance of a Patek Philippe watch estimated at 200,000 euros, a masterpiece and a pearl necklace of which he does not know the value, as well as documents. An investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor's office, entrusted to the brigade for the suppression of banditry (BRB) of the judicial police.

Trouble with justice

On several occasions in the past, his passion for gambling and for casinos has brought him into trouble with the law. Last year, Thomas Fabius was fined 75,000 euros for "forgery and use of forgery in private writing" and "swindle". He was accused of having written a false transfer order of 200,000 euros addressed to a casino in Marrakech (Morocco) where he had his habits, the Mamounia.

In 2013, after a report by Tracfin, the anti-money laundering cell of the Ministry of Finance, he had been heard by investigators from the central office for repression of serious financial crimes of the central directorate of the judicial police. The police were closely interested in the purchase of his apartment for which he had spent 7.5 million euros ...

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Nevada, an American prosecutor issued an arrest warrant in 2015 against the son of the former Prime Minister whom he accused of having written wooden checks totaling more than $ 3.5 million (approximately $ 3.2 million) at Las Vegas casinos.


Thomas Fabius fined 75,000 euros for fraud

Investigation after Thomas Fabius' purchase of an apartment at 7 million
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