China News Service, June 22, according to real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:33 on June 22, Beijing time, there were more than 8.92 million confirmed cases in the new crown worldwide, and a cumulative death of more than 467,000 cases. . The multi-state epidemic situation in the United States is severe, and six members of the Trump campaign team have been diagnosed; the clustered epidemic in the German Meat Union Factory has caused 1,331 diagnoses; the spread of the epidemic in many countries in the Middle East has slowed down.

The picture shows US President Trump holding a protective mask in his hand.

U.S. multi-state epidemic situation is grim

  Members of the Trump campaign team confirmed

  At present, more than 2.27 million cases of new crowns have been diagnosed in the United States, with a total of nearly 120,000 deaths. In New York State, which has the worst epidemic in the United States, there have been more than 380,000 confirmed cases and more than 30,000 deaths. New York State Governor Como said that on the 22nd, New York City will enter the second phase of restart.

  The multi-state epidemic situation in the United States remains severe. Florida reported the highest record of 4049 new cases in a single day on the 20th. Experts said that as the highest proportion of the elderly population in the United States, the local epidemic situation is not optimistic. The number of confirmed cases of the new crown in Arizona has nearly doubled in the past 14 days. In Georgia, a hospital was exposed to manipulate the new coronavirus test results and issue a negative result report to patients with positive nucleic acid tests.

  On the other hand, US President Trump held his first campaign rally since the outbreak in March in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 20th. On the day of the rally, six members of the Trump campaign team and two staff members of the US Secret Service were diagnosed with the new crown virus. On the same day, Tulsa newly diagnosed 136 people, setting a new high in the city's single-day new population.

  According to the data released on the evening of the 21st local time by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the country has added 17459 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in a single day, with a cumulative diagnosis of more than 1.08 million cases and a cumulative death case of more than 50,000 cases. In view of the apparent increase in the local new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the port of Alegre, the capital of Brazil’s southern river state, on the 21st changed the alert level from the second orange to the highest red.

Data Map: International trains between Italy and Austria resume traffic.

Many European countries opened the blockade, restrictions loosened

  1,331 people have been infected at the German Meat Factory

  Recently, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Europe has continued to improve. The pace of resuming normal social life has been accelerated. Many countries have gradually loosened border control measures and epidemic prevention restrictions. On the 21st, Spain carried out the last wave of loosening of the epidemic restriction order, and the national emergency ended on the same day. The EU also plans to gradually relax travel restrictions on countries outside the EU from July 1.

  The largest joint meat factory in Germany, Tennis, has recently reported an aggregate infection. As of the afternoon of the 21st local time, the number of diagnoses has risen to 1,331, including 5 in intensive care. The local has asked the meat unit to stop production for 14 days to prevent the virus from spreading further. The R0 value of the basic infection number announced by the Robert Koch Institute of the German Federal Institute for Disease Control rose again from 1.79 to 2.88.

  In addition, the Croatian news agency reported that Bulgarian tennis player Dimitrov was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The players and his team who had contact with him were immediately tested for the new coronavirus, including Serbian tennis star Djokovic.

Data Map: Teachers of Jeju, South Korea greet each other in the classroom.

South Korea's new local cases rise

  Australia's second largest state re-tightens epidemic prevention measures

  As of 0:00 on the 21st, South Korea had 48 new cases of newly diagnosed crowns from the previous day, and a total of 12421 cases were diagnosed. Among the newly added cases, there are 40 local cases and 8 imported cases. Korean media said that the number of new local cases did not fall but rose, which means that the new crown epidemic has not been effectively controlled.

  The outbreak of Victoria, Australia's second most populous state, has recently shown signs of rebound, with the number of newly diagnosed cases reaching double digits for four consecutive days. In view of this, the state announced on the 20th that it will re-implement strict anti-epidemic restrictions.

  Pakistan on the 20th allowed international flights to resume operations. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, this permit may be adjusted at any time according to the development of the epidemic situation and the implementation of the epidemic prevention measures. As of the 21st, a total of 179,445 new crown cases have been diagnosed in Pakistan.

On March 26 local time, the Iranian Tehran International Exhibition Center, soldiers walked between the beds of the newly constructed medical center.

 The spread of the epidemic in many countries in the Middle East has slowed down

  African confirmed cases approaching 300,000

  After more than four months of repeated "saws", the spread of the epidemic in many countries in the Middle East has slowed down.

  Although the number of confirmed diagnoses in some Iranian provinces is still rising, the overall epidemic shows some characteristics of entering a "platform period". As of the 21st local time, Iran has accumulatively diagnosed 204,952 cases and died in 9,623 cases.

  The number of new cases in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in a single day showed a downward trend overall. By the 21st, the number of new cases in Saudi Arabia has dropped for 4 consecutive days; the number of new cases in Qatar has dropped to below 1,000 for the first time since May 8; the number of new cases in the UAE has also fallen below 8 consecutive days 400 cases.

  According to data from the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of June 21, local time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Africa is close to 300,000, reaching 298,370 cases and 7,944 deaths. In South Africa, where Africa has the most confirmed cases, the country’s Ministry of Health said on the 21st that there were 4,621 new crown patients on that day, with a total number of 97,302.

  With the lifting of flight restrictions by various countries, imported cases have reappeared in some African countries. Zimbabwe’s Vice President Mohadi said that the country’s cases are still mainly imported. The Niger Ministry of Health previously stated that in view of the increased number of imported cases and the severe epidemic prevention situation, the country suspended the issuance of special permits for people traveling along the border. (Finish)