The rue de Strasbourg in Nantes before the construction of wide cycle lanes. - F.Brenon / 20Minutes

It is one of the main arteries of downtown Nantes. One of the most congested too. The rue de Strasbourg is the subject, from this Monday, of road improvement works. Objective: allow the creation of "comfortable cycle lanes" (variable width from 1.50 m to 2 m), in each direction. A temporary measure that will be in place all summer, announces the mayor of Nantes.

It is part of the municipal “pedestrian-bicycle” action plan, the aim of which is to provide more space for gentle travel during the coronavirus health crisis.

Parking lots removed

The rue de Strasbourg had already had a cycle path for three years, but these are quite narrow. The announced redevelopment therefore requires the elimination of existing parking spaces, with the exception of delivery locations and PRM spaces. User and merchant associations were associated with the project.

In the same spirit, a dozen Nantes streets have already been temporarily pedestrianized. The experience, if it is judged conclusive by the next mayor, could however be extended.


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