China News Service, June 22, according to the "European Times" WeChat public account of "East and West", since the gradual lifting of the ban in France on May 11 Merchants in the import and export wholesale business circle have resumed operations, but the overall economic situation is not optimistic. The turnover of the majority of Chinese businessmen has fallen sharply. How to get rid of the market impact caused by the epidemic will be a common difficulty they face.

  In the few days from June 15 to 18, the reporter went to the Chinese import and export wholesalers circle in Obervilliers many times, and successively visited some Chinese businessmen to listen to their market trends and views after the French epidemic was lifted. , And difficulties encountered in operation.

  Difficult, difficult, difficult... This is the word most heard by reporters.

In the early days of lifting the ban, everything was on the sidelines

  From May 11th to June 15th, nearly one month after the French lifted the ban, the Chinese businessmen in the Obervilliers Chinese import and export wholesaler circle, from the initial wait-and-see to the calm judgment, they pay close attention to selling the goods of the season and boldly book Commodities in autumn and winter are not only an expectation of the recovery of the market, but also another challenge for Chinese businessmen to judge the market.

  On May 11, when the French epidemic was lifted, the reporter interviewed Xu Xiaoou of the French Chinese Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce. At that time, he told reporters that several of his old customers had already picked up the goods on the morning of the lifting of the ban, but the quantity was not large. Regarding the expectations after the resumption of business, Xu Xiaoou said that he does not think that there will be retaliatory consumption in China like China. Whether this summer clothing can be sold wholesale, he is not sure.

  At that time, Xu Xiaoou was embarrassed by many Chinese businessmen and hesitated, whether he should book an import and export wholesale plan for this winter's clothing. Because many Chinese businessmen are worried that if the French epidemic occurs repeatedly, it will inevitably cause a delay in business recovery. Therefore, many merchants are waiting, hoping to have a good expectation after gradually lifting the ban.

  Alex of the China-France Friendship and Mutual Aid Association told reporters at the time that because France implemented the principle of gradual lifting of the ban, many merchants from other provinces and other European countries and regions with a range of activities of 100 kilometers away could not come to choose goods at all. Alex said that now, many of his old customers have begun to order online, and then through freight distribution, everything is still waiting to be seen.

Efforts to lift the ban in two or three stages

  On June 2nd, France entered the second phase of the epidemic's lifting of embargoes, removing the 100-km radius of activity restrictions, and customers from all over France and Europe gradually increased. Chinese businessmen in the Chinese import and export wholesale circle in Oberville The business started to improve a little bit, and everyone was constantly looking for ways to reduce losses and strive to gradually clear the inventory of commodities during the season.

  Any Chinese merchant who walks into the Chinese import and export wholesale circle in Obervilliers now sees the spring and summer products that were imported by the Chinese merchants before the outbreak. During the nearly two-month ban between March 17 and May 10, Chinese businessmen ceased business, and the goods have been backlogged, with no sales. Therefore, clearing inventory has become the most important thing for Chinese businessmen.

  Chen Shicheng, president of the China-France Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, and Zheng Qiuping, vice president, are all in the wholesale trade of children's clothing in the Oberweiler wholesaler circle. The shelves in their stores are all summer children's clothes, skirts, T-shirts, shorts, etc. Children's clothes in spring can no longer be sold.

  Zheng Qiuping said that although the French epidemic was lifted to the third stage on June 15 and the tourism and catering industry also fully recovered, passenger transportation outside the EU will have to wait until after July 1. Therefore, some of the original African guests have not been able to purchase from France, and after July 1, even if the passenger transportation outside the EU is opened, then the best time for summer children’s clothing sales has passed, which will inevitably cause summer The backlog of children's clothing, such losses, this year is already inevitable.

  Customers in the third-party market in Africa cannot come to France to purchase, which is also a problem faced by Hu Renai, the honorary chairman of the China-France Apparel Industry Chamber of Commerce engaged in fashion import and export wholesale trade.

  Hu Renai said that although the number of old customers in the European Union has gradually increased, but African customers can not come, at this stage can only rely on customers from all over France, as well as customers from the European Union, the market competition pressure is very great. Moreover, the situation of the new crown epidemic in Africa is still unclear. Even if the EU opens passenger transportation to countries and regions outside the EU, it is still unknown whether African guests can come.

  How to digest inventory, especially relying on French and EU customers to digest inventory, is a challenge faced by Chinese businessmen in Europe.

  While digesting inventory, Chinese businessmen are also using various channels and methods to minimize the corresponding losses. Recently, Sun Wanli, vice president of the French Chinese Footwear Association, is busy discussing landlord rent exemptions with the landlord. Because, after the outbreak of the outbreak, all Chinese businessmen in Obervilliers closed for two months, and Chinese businessmen suffered huge losses. Although, the French government has launched a series of policies to provide subsidies to part-time unemployed employees. However, Chinese wholesale merchants are not able to apply for some commercial insurance compensation for damaged business, as some catering owners do. Sun Wanli said that import and export wholesale Chinese merchants can only negotiate with the landlord and strive to get some rent exemptions and try to recover some losses.

The cost of importing Chinese wholesale goods rises

  Since the outbreak, the passenger and freight traffic between France and China has been greatly affected, which directly caused the import cost of Chinese merchants' wholesale commodities to rise significantly.

  Chen Zhonghua, honorary chairman of the China-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, told reporters that it turned out that the cost of air transportation was more than 30 euros per kilogram. After lifting the ban on May 11, the cost of air freight rose to 89 euros per kilogram, but now it has dropped to more than 50 euros per kilogram. Chen Zhonghua lamented that the increase in freight costs directly led to the increase in the cost of each piece of clothing, causing greater operating pressure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Wholesale Transactions of Chinese Business Network

  After several days of observation and interviews, the reporter learned that the epidemic has brought the biggest change to the import and export wholesale business of Chinese merchants, which is a substantial increase in online operations. This has facilitated many merchants who cannot be purchased on the ground due to the epidemic. Moreover, the live broadcasts that are now very popular in mainland China are also adopted by a small number of Chinese businessmen.

  Of course, many Chinese businessmen are also closing orders online with manufacturers in mainland China. Although online transactions on the Internet have their convenience, they also have certain drawbacks.

  Chen Yizhong, executive vice president of the French Chinese Footwear Association, said with great concern, because at present it is not possible to return to China to see sample orders, only video orders, just see the style of the shoes, but can not ensure that the shoes are made of the materials they need.

  In addition, the biggest impact of the Internet on the wholesale trade of clothing, footwear and other commodities is that all styles are made public. Chen Zhonghua told reporters that while he was in the wholesale trade of children's clothing, he also conducted wholesale sales online and offline. Therefore, all children's clothing styles are clear at a glance. In this case, there are no secrets between the various wholesale merchants and customers, leading to more intense market competition. Clothing wholesale is the time difference, whoever has a new style, whoever sells first, makes money.

Commodity wholesale is unique

  At a time when the vast majority of Chinese merchants in the import, export, wholesale, and apparel industry of clothing and footwear are striving to clear the inventory and reduce damage, the small commodity wholesale business of the Chinese merchants wholesale circle in Obervilliers is truly unique.

  "Our family's business has now basically returned to the normal state before the outbreak." This was revealed by Wu Haining, the chairman of the China-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, which is engaged in the wholesale of small commodities.

  In a bungalow warehouse, the reporter saw an endless stream of merchants coming to purchase various small commodities. Wu Haining said that the small groceries he manages are mainly aimed at market retail stall owners in France and even Europe. As long as there is a market, there will be sales of small commodities.

  Wu Haining admitted that the customer base of small groceries he manages is very ordinary, and the goods are also very popular. The key is the low price, so it is very popular with the local people. Perhaps, officially, the wholesale operation of small groceries has become a standout among the Chinese business wholesalers in Oberville.

I hope the epidemic will end soon

  In a few days of interview, the reporter found that many Chinese businessmen are very much looking forward to the end of the epidemic and the return to normal economy.

  Several of Chen Zhonghua’s children’s clothing in autumn and winter styles are already floating on the sea, and they are expected to arrive in France next month. Chen Zhonghua said that he really hopes that the epidemic will be brought to an end as soon as possible. He also hopes that the children's clothing wholesale market in autumn and winter will pick up. He also hopes that the French economy will recover as soon as possible and get on track.

  Hu Renai said that the epidemic will end soon and the economy will recover as soon as possible. We are all looking forward to the Chinese businessmen. We all live in France and work in France. Of course, we hope that the economic environment in France is getting better and better, and everyone will be able to live and work in peace and contentment. .

  Zeng Bo, vice chairman of the China-France Friendship and Mutual Aid Association, is very calm. He believes that at any time, there are certain operating pressures and risks. As long as you persist, you will win. Because, after the wind and rain, you can see the rainbow. (Owen)