The accusations of courtesy of the Real Madrid team became chasing the royal and overwhelming his recent victories, after being echoed by an eloquent referee and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, which prompted us to ask questions about these accusations against two Arab arbitration experts.

The accusations of the Real courtesy escalated after Sunday's 2-1 victory over Real Sociedad with a goal scored by a penalty scored by Sergio Ramos, with the cancellation of a goal scored by Sociedad player Adnan Yanuzai due to Mikel Merino's infiltration by blocking the vision of Real Guard Tipo Courtois.

Karim Benzema settled the victory for Real Madrid after receiving the ball with his upper arm, and the goal was calculated after resorting to the assistant video referee (Var).

Such controversial decisions came days after a former referee in the Spanish league accused most of the referee of courtesy of Real Madrid, then Barcelona defender Gerard Pique hinted also of this after the Royal 3-0 victory over Valencia last week where he canceled the opponent striker Rodrigo Moreno goal.

Previous accumulations The former
international referee Hamdi Al-Qadri says to Al-Jazeera Net that the accusations that are chasing Real Madrid due to previous accumulations resulted from the team benefiting from some wrong arbitration decisions, whether in the Champions League or Spanish League.

He pointed out that this matter is attributable to him because a large team is not free of these accusations which differ, but even his arch-rivals Barcelona benefited from arbitration decisions or errors, the most recent of which was the controversy that arose about the non-expulsion of Lionel Messi in the team's last match against Seville, or the penalty that was calculated in his favor In Leganes match.

Al-Qadri, who works as an arbitration analyst for the Qatari "Al-Kass" channels, added that although he was convinced that there were previous mistakes made by the referees, the riyal benefited from it, the claim of his arbitration courtesy in the recent matches of La Liga is not true, and those who say that either do not know anything about football law, or they encourage Barcelona and repeat That is an offense in their rivals.

Al-Qadri continued that he will not touch except for yesterday's match, which sparked widespread controversy, and refuted the arbitration cases with the Real match with Sociedad, stressing that the decisions of the referee and the fugitive are 100% correct, so infiltration of Sociedad’s goal is very clear to any referee because the striker blocked the vision of the goalkeeper, which is one of the violations that Penalty for infiltration and included under the interference with the competitor.

Also, the claim that Benzema's goal be counted against a hand against him is incorrect because the ball hit the top of the shoulder and the International Legislative Council "IFAP" canceled the calculation of a hand touch on any player if the ball hit this upper part of the upper arm.

Al-Qadri supported the opinion of the former international referee, Mohamed Benouza, who told Al Jazeera Net that the lack of awareness of the soccer fans about the football law and the amendments might drop them on false accusations of the arbitration decisions, stressing that Real Madrid did not court a referee in recent matches, and that the referees ’decisions are correct. .

Banouza - a member of the referees committee of the Arab Union - added that it is very difficult for the referees to be involved in courtesy of any team due to the presence of oversight from them by three referees in the mouse room who follow through several screens, both large and small and interfere in the blatant mistakes that the referee does not see or makes a wrong decision about. .