Abe Cabinet “I support” 36% “I do not support” 49% NHK opinion poll June 22 19:00

According to NHK's opinion poll, 36% of the respondents said they would support the Abe Cabinet, whereas 49% said they would not. The percentage of those who answered “no support” was the highest since the inauguration of the second Abe Cabinet.

From the 19th of this month, NHK will conduct a public opinion poll for 18 years old and over nationwide by using the method called "RDD" to call a fixed phone number and a mobile phone number randomly generated by a computer for three days from this month. Of the 2202 people surveyed, 58% came from 1270, or 1270.

As a result, 36% of the respondents said they "support" the Abe Cabinet, down one point from the survey last month.

On the other hand, those who answered “no support” rose by 4 points to 49%, the highest since the launch of the second Abe Cabinet in December 2012.

As for the reasons for supporting the Cabinet, 58% said that "it looks better than other cabinets" and 19% said that "because it is the cabinet of a political party that supports it".

On the other hand, the reason for not supporting it is that 44% said that "the personality is not reliable" and 27% said that "there was no hope for the policy."

When asked how uneasy they feel about their lives due to the spread of the new coronavirus, 22% said they were “very anxious”, 53% said they were “a little anxious”, and “I do not feel very anxious”. Was 20% and “I didn't feel any anxiety” was 4%.

Regarding the government's response to the new coronavirus, 6% were "highly evaluated", 45% were "highly evaluated", 37% were "poorly evaluated", and 10% were "not evaluated at all".

When asked how much they feel anxiety about the spread of new coronavirus infection spreading again, 37% are "very feeling", 49% are "somewhat feeling", 10 are "not so much" %, "I didn't feel at all" was 2%.

The government eased the refraining from traveling across prefectures on the 19th of this month. When asked about the timing of the easing, 35% were “appropriate timing”, 47% were “too early”, and 11% were “too late”.

Former Minister of Justice Kawai and his wife, Satoshi House of Representatives, were arrested on suspicion of acquisition for violation of the Public Offices Election Law. When asked whether they should resign, lawmakers Kawai said they should "resign" at 83% and "no need to resign" at 5%.

Regarding the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", which the government planned to deploy in Akita and Yamaguchi prefectures, Defense Minister Kono announced that the plan had been suspended. When asked about their evaluations, 48% said they would "evaluate" and 29% said they would not "evaluate."