Hookup+ | What is Xi Jinping, the most powerful weapon to fight the epidemic?

  On June 17, President Xi Jinping emphasized again at the China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic Special Summit: "Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to fight the epidemic."

  "The occurrence of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic shows once again that mankind is a community of shared destiny". "Under the current epidemic, unity and cooperation are the right path." Since the outbreak, President Xi Jinping has opened the "cloud diplomacy" mode through telephone, letters, videos and other channels. "Unity" is one of the high-frequency words he mentioned in his speech.

  On diplomatic occasions, President Xi constantly explained the importance of solidarity against the epidemic due to the times and circumstances, injecting confidence and strength into the global anti-epidemic. "Hybrid Plus" specially sorts out the exciting words and learns and understands the essentials together with you.