The head of the white march procession, this Sunday in Nantes. - Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS / AFP

  • A white march in tribute to Steve, a 24-year-old young man who fell in the Loire on June 21, 2019 and then found dead drowned just over a month later, took place this Sunday in Nantes.
  • As Steve's friends wanted, everything went smoothly.
  • Many tributes were paid to him throughout the course and in the afternoon.

“Steve was plural. All your diversity represents it perfectly today. Seeing all this support is heart-warming. Stéphane, Steve's godfather, speaks at the foot of the yellow crane in Nantes. Not a long speech. Just a few words to thank the approximately 3,000 people who wished to pay tribute to Steve Maia Caniço, this 24-year extracurricular animator from the Nantes conurbation who died drowned in the Loire just one year ago during an operation controversial police force.

At 3.30 p.m., two and a half hours before, at the Miroir d'eau, in the center of Nantes, Steve's friends called for pacifism before the start of the white march. "We must keep our hatred aside today!" », Says loudly, in the megaphone, K-Ro. 30 m behind it, a CRS cordon is in place. The message went well. The procession crossed the city in a festive and sometimes rebellious environment. " No justice, no peace ! "Or" Justice nowhere, police everywhere! »For example resonated at regular intervals throughout the course.

Steve's brother and sister leading the procession

"This story really touched me," says Angélique, who came from Saint-Nazaire with her husband and son. I have a big 16 year old daughter who is starting to go out and I tell myself that it could have been her. Jérémy, 25, dressed in an orange waistcoat during the march, is one of those who fell in the Loire during the intervention of the police force just a year ago. His memories are intact, his pain intense: "It is insane what happened that evening. Incomprehensible. There was only one music left when there was a cloud of smoke. I decided to leave and head for the Banana Hangar. There, I met a friend to warn her ... I was then caught by the cloud of tear gas. I was totally disoriented and I fell in the Loire. The young man managed to hang on to a rope. Steve was not so lucky.

This Sunday, sadness and anger are side by side in the procession, led by Steve's brother and sister. Many signs remind us that many are waiting for the truth and that the wound is far from being closed. "Dance before you are pushed into the water" or "we will not be silent" or "no forgetting, no forgiveness", we can read. In this case, three judicial information "against X" are investigated in Rennes. "This death was perfectly avoidable ...", cowardly, wet eyes, Stéphane, the godfather.

Music, songs and festive dances

At the foot of the yellow crane, speeches are linked. “Inequality is raging on every street corner. Steve, like George Floyd, Adama Traoré, Rémi Fraisse, Zineb Redouane, Malik Oussekine and many others, has become a symbol! Launches, cheering for the crowd, Aliah, friend of Steve. He left us for dancing. Steve, it was a bubble of joy that was fueled by music. A few seconds later, as if to better pay homage to him, music and songs follow one another. Before a minute of silence perfectly respected.

After the yellow crane, head for Quai Wilson, where Steve was last seen on June 21, 2019. In front of the fresco in tribute to the young man, dances are improvised. At 7 p.m., the friends asked the crowd to disperse. As throughout the afternoon, everything will be done in peace. "It is important to be peaceful, Steve was ...", confesses one of her friends.

Dances in tribute to Steve at the foot of the fresco. - Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS / AFP


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