China News Service, June 21, comprehensive report: As the US epidemic spreads, President Trump’s first large-scale campaign rally in months will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the evening of the 20th local time. Trump Has arrived there and is expected to speak to supporters soon. Participants are not required to wear masks at this rally, and health experts are concerned that the rally will become a new hot spot for the spread of new coronavirus.

Data graph: US President Trump.

Trump campaign rally: most supporters don’t wear masks

  On the evening of the 20th local time, Trump's large campaign rally will be held at the Oklahoma Bank Center in downtown Tulsa. The venue can accommodate 19,000 seats. Trump has arrived on the ground and is expected to speak soon.

  Despite warnings from health officials, Trump still decided to hold his first campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma for months. His supporters gathered outside the stadium on the afternoon of the 20th and occupied nearby Street, ready to welcome him back to the campaign.

  Supporters wore T-shirts and hats bearing the Trump logo, and most did not wear masks. Trump will also speak at an outdoor event, which will be held inside a tall metal barrier set up around the bank center.

  Tim Motaff, director of communications for Trump's campaign team, said people need to take a temperature test when they participate in a campaign rally in Oklahoma on the 20th. Masks will be provided on site, but the participants can decide whether to wear masks or not.

  According to reports, the number of cases in Tulsa has surged in the past week, and the director of the local health department has asked to postpone the rally. But Republican Governor Kevin Stewart said it was safe to hold the rally. The Oklahoma Supreme Court on the 19th rejected the request to wear masks to participate in indoor rallies.

  At the rally site, the staff distributed masks to the audience, but they were not required to use them. The campaign team said it will also distribute hand sanitizer. Workers wearing goggles, masks, gloves and blue protective clothing are also performing temperature checks on spectators at the entrance.

Six staff members diagnosed with health experts worry about rallying as a new hot spot for infection

  The Trump campaign said on the 20th that the six staff members working for the Tulsa rally in Oklahoma had a positive result during the virus test before the rally and immediately implemented the quarantine procedure.

  Earlier, Trump had indicated that attending the rally might be infected with the new crown virus. According to reports, those attending the rally must sign a disclaimer and agree that “if they are infected with the new crown virus at the rally, they will not prosecute the Trump campaign team or the sponsor”.

  In addition, as the coronavirus spreads in the United States, health experts worry that Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma will become a new hot spot for virus infection.

  According to data from the Oklahoma Department of Health, as of the afternoon of the 20th, Tulsa County reported the most cases of new crowns, totaling 2,206.

Protesters occupy streets or trigger violence

  At the same time, Trump protesters flooded urban streets and blocked traffic at intersections. Some officials predict that tens of thousands of people will participate in racial protests in downtown Tulsa.

  Some Tulsa leaders of African descent have expressed their fear that this protest may lead to violence.

  Protesters also drove a special truck near the rally site. The truck displayed electronic statistics on three different faces and provided a real-time tracker that allegedly reflected the Trump administration’s response to the new crown epidemic. Unnecessary deaths due to slow response.