A rare laughing tern was born on the Marker Wadden. This is reported on Nature Moments on Sunday. Since 1958, only one breeding case of the bird has been known in the Netherlands.

"This is great news and a huge boost for Marker Wadden. It indicates that the natural islands in the Markermeer are also a suitable habitat for this rare and vulnerable bird," says Tim Kreetz, ranger of Nature Monuments on the island.

The Laughing Tern, which takes its name from its signature 'laugh', is a rare bird. The animal is on the Red List of endangered species. In Northern Europe, there are almost no suitable habitats where the bird can breed and search for food.

"We had not yet expected the characteristic smile on the island. Adult terns eat big insects and they are not that many on Marken Wadden," says Kreetz.

'Only dare to dream in a few years'

The Marker Wadden are only two years old. "We would not have dreamed of the arrival of this bird in a few years, if nature has developed further," explains the forester.

The laughing tern on Marker Wadden and its chick are located on an island inaccessible to visitors. Only the forester and a number of naturalists are allowed to come. The egg and the chick were discovered during research.


Very special news! A young laughing tern was born on Marker Wadden. That is unique. Since 1958, only one breeding case has been known in the Netherlands. https://t.co/IkG96JxmSI

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