Merkel gives priority to the European Union’s rotating chairmanship to fight the epidemic as a top priority

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in Germany Aoki] "Merkel's time to enter the EU!" According to the German "Der Spiegel" weekly report on the 19th, Germany will serve as the EU's rotating presidency for half a year from July 1. Prime Minister Merkel said at the German Bundestag "mobilization" meeting on the 18th that fighting the epidemic will be the primary task of the EU's rotating presidency and called on the EU to unite more closely to fight the crisis.

  Germany will assume the rotating presidency of the EU when the EU is facing the most serious challenge in history. Merkel said, "'Unite to make Europe strong again' is the motto of Germany during its presidency." "The new crown epidemic shows how fragile Europe is, so maintaining unity in Europe is more important than ever." She called on EU member states to cooperate more closely in the face of the epidemic, and no country can stand alone in the face of this crisis. In addition to fighting the epidemic, Merkel also said that climate change, economic and social digitization, and the relationship between Europe, Africa, and Europe will also be the focus of Germany's presidency.

  On the 19th, leaders of EU member states convened a video conference of the European Council to discuss the EU’s future multi-year budget framework and the 750 billion euro “recovery fund” proposal proposed by the European Commission. Especially the latter, including aid payments of 500 billion euros and loans of 250 billion euros, to protect countries such as Italy and Spain from severe economic outbreaks from economic collapse. But this plan was opposed by Austria, the Netherlands and other countries. Merkel said that Europe is facing "the biggest economic challenge", and EU member states must quickly reach agreement on the EU multi-year budget framework and the EU "recovery fund". Germany’s Le Monde said that the new crown crisis and the European economic stimulus plan were the prelude to Merkel’s appointment as the “EU Prime Minister”.

  "Germany's plans are greatly reduced," the German News Agency said on the 19th that Germany had hoped to carry out ambitious plans during its presidency of the EU. However, a 24-page document in Germany that will be released on the 24th shows that Germany has greatly reduced its previous plans. During his tenure, he will mainly focus on finances, trade policies, health, and Britain's "Brexit".