First Governor of Tokyo Election Weekend Elections June 20 19:50


The Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's election, in which 22 people, the largest number in the past, ran for candidates, celebrated the first weekend of the election campaign. Each candidate is appealing for their support while considering measures for the new coronavirus.

Candidates for the Tokyo Governor's election are in the order of notification
▽Reiwa Shinsengumi representative Taro Yamamoto (45)
▽Independent incumbent Yuriko Koike (67)
▽Newcomers to various groups Mr. Hiroko Nanami (35), General Manager of the General Manager,
Kenji Utsunomiya (73), a new independent member and former chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (73)
▽ Makoto Sakurai (48)
▽ Mr. Hiroshi Kamayama (46), an
independent caretaker and former caregiver Mr. Taisuke Ono
, a former independent governor of Kumamoto Prefecture recommended by the Japan Restoration Society (46) ▽ An independent researcher and former Asahi Shimbun employee Hideyuki Takemoto (64)
▽ Newcomer and singer Makoto Nishimoto (33)
▽ Independent newcomer, Yasuhiro Sekiguchi, president of the building management company (68)
▽ Independent newcomer, Mr. Kiyoetsu Oshikoshi (61)
▽ Mr. Osamu Hattori, a musician recommended by the party that protects the people from NHK, who is
a rookie of all kinds (46) 52)
▽ party would recommend to protect the public from NHK in the rookie of the factions, businessman Mr. Kenichiro Saito secretary (39)
▽ newcomer Mr. Teruki Goto of the self-employed in the factions (37)
▽ Murasaki Sawa of the writer as an independent rookie Mr. Omi (44)
▽ Rookie and event producer Koji Ichikawa (58)
▽ Independent rookie and freelance journalist Hitoshi Ishii (55)
▽ Independent rookie and pharmacist Ikuhiro Nagasawa (34)
▽ Independent Kazue Ushio, a new employee and former employee (33)
▽Mr. Masayuki Hiratsuka, 38, who is a newcomer and social activist.
are 22 newcomers who are independent and formerly the Ground Self-Defense Force Mr. Kuon Naito (63) .

For the first weekend of the election campaign, each candidate is appealing for their support while considering measures against the new coronavirus.

Reiwa Shinsengumi representative Taro Yamamoto gave a street speech in front of the terminal station without notice to avoid crowding. Mr. Yamamoto said, "I'm not sick or injured, but there are many people who say that I have to shift my part-time job, lose my job, or go out on the street in various situations. I would like to ask the Tokyo residents to spend 100,000 yen to raise the level of the region. I would like to change from Tokyo that makes me want to die to Tokyo that makes me want to live."

The current candidate, Yuriko Koike, does not give a speech on the street as he wants to launch a new election campaign in order to avoid crowding. Koike said at a press conference on the 19th, "While entering the era of Wiz Corona, we will take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infection. And we will promote both full-scale economic and social activities and living in Tokyo. Assuming corona, we will enhance the medical system to protect the safety and livelihood of all citizens of Tokyo."

Former Chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Kenji Utsunomiya delivered a public speech to the constitutional Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the Social Democratic Party parliamentarians who received support. Mr. Utsunomiya said, "Isn't this corona disaster a question of how the Japanese society should be? The value of people's lives and lives should be more important than economic efficiency. Social rather than self-responsibility. We attach great importance to solidarity. That is the kind of society in which each citizen of Tokyo can have hope."

Former Deputy Governor of Kumamoto, Taisuke Ono called for support in the downtown area together with the Diet member of the Japan Restoration Society who was recommended. Mr. Ono said, "I think it's dangerous in Tokyo. I think we're doing something that really cools the economy by putting away the necessary measures. The Tokyo Alert. I don't need it anymore, so I will firmly implement pinpoint measures that are truly fruitful, based on objective data and standards."

The party leader, Takashi Tachibana, who protects the people from NHK, addressed the streets by narrowing down the region and called for their support. Mr. Tachibana complained, "Mainly, the countermeasures against the new coronavirus are important. From now on, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific damage content while firmly focusing on speed to some extent."

The Tokyo Governor's election will be voted on the 5th of next month and will be counted on the same day.