Washington (dpa) - US President Donald Trump issued a sharp warning to participants in protests ahead of his first campaign event since the beginning of the corona crisis in the United States.

"Any protesters, anarchists, troublemakers, looters or rabble who come to Oklahoma, please understand that you will not be treated as in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis," Trump wrote on Friday on Twitter. He was referring to what he considered to be the lax reactions of some states to demonstrations following the death of the African American George Floyd, which had sometimes led to riots.

Trump will perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night (7:00 p.m. local time - 2:00 a.m.CEST on Sunday) - while protests against racism and police violence in the country continue and the corona pandemic continues. The city has taken measures out of fear of unrest - Mayor GT Bynum imposed a curfew on part of the city center on Thursday for the night and early morning hours, which should not be lifted until Sunday. He had declared a state of emergency for the measure. The city council believes that more than 100,000 people could gather. Counter demonstrations are also planned.

The president had raised resentment with his performance plans, which could be carried to the streets around the event. Trump had originally planned to hold the campaign appearance on Friday, when "Juneteenth" was celebrated in the United States. On June 19, the end of slavery is commemorated. Tulsa was also the scene of a massacre by a white mob on the black population on June 1, 1921. Historians consider this the worst event of its kind in the United States after the end of the civil war. Hundreds of people were killed at the time. In view of the originally planned date and Tulsa as the location of the rally, Trump had been accused of encouraging right-wing radicals.

Republican Trump is running for a second term in the November presidential election. The corona pandemic had nearly brought the campaign to a standstill - Trump's last rally took place in March. According to campaign manager Brad Parscale, tens of thousands of people will now be able to attend the event in Tulsa, which is to take place inside and outside an arena. There are several places on the site where the President can speak, Parscale told Fox News on Friday. The campaign event will be similar to a festival.

The city of Tulsa said there were indications that members of organized groups who had been involved in “destructive and violent” actions in other states wanted to come to the city to cause unrest around the rally.

However, there is concern not only about possible riots, but also about the ongoing corona pandemic. The organizers announced that fever would be measured among the participants, and disinfectants and masks would also be issued. However, it is highly questionable whether the participants in the crowd - especially within the arena - can keep enough distance from each other. Anyone wishing to take part in the event had to agree at registration that the organizers could not be held liable for Covid 19 disease and its possible consequences.

The corona pandemic is far from over in the United States. In some states, the number of daily new infections has recently peaked - including in Oklahoma. The level of new infections in the Tulsa district has been significantly higher in the past ten days than in the weeks since March.

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