The European Union announced the return of internal travel between member states, after a three-month hiatus since last March, as a result of the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Elva Johansson, stated that the European Union countries should coordinate entry procedures among their members and set the appropriate conditions for that in preparation for opening the airports again to travelers from outside the European Union, at the beginning of next July as planned in advance.

The European Union is seeking to establish strict rules before taking these steps, fearing a second wave of the spread of the Corona virus, which may lead to re-closing the borders and preventing travel again, which will have huge repercussions on the economies of the European Union countries and the tourism sector in particular, and many of it may be forced Airlines to declare bankruptcy or will force governments to intervene by granting massive compensation.

The following is the travel map among the most prominent European Union countries:

Germany .. travel without restrictions

Germany begins opening its borders fully from Monday, 22 June, without any quarantine measures for travelers coming to it, but it will leave the 16 German federal states to specify the detailed procedures for reopening the country to arrivals again, and these measures may differ from state to state.

There is still a ban on reception for travelers from outside the European Union, except for diplomats and staff of international organizations and bodies.

Spain .. travel is available

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that his country will reopen its borders with most of the European Union on June 21, with the exception of Portugal, which will start receiving travelers from it on the first of next July at the request of Lisbon, and the authorities do not require quarantine procedures upon entry .

Ban on receiving passengers from outside the European Union remains in force (Getty Images)

Austria: Travel is available on terms and conditions

Austria has opened borders and travel since last June 4 for travelers from Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, provided they have spent at least two weeks in these countries.

And travelers from these countries can enter without quarantine procedures or medical tests, and as of next Tuesday the travel will be opened with 31 other countries.

As for those coming from Portugal, Sweden, Spain or the United Kingdom, it is necessary to submit to a quarantine for a period of two weeks, or to have a test for the Corona virus.

Denmark .. Travel is not available

Denmark will not allow travel to it until the first of next September, except for tourists from Germany, Norway and Iceland only, who will not be subject to quarantine procedures.

It also allows investors who have partnerships with Danish companies from within the European Union to enter, and Finns and Swedes who own a summer home in Denmark will be allowed to travel.

There is still a ban on receiving travelers from outside the European Union, except for diplomats and staff of international organizations and bodies.

Belgium .. Travel is available from within the European Union

Beginning on Monday June 22nd, Belgium decided to allow aviation reception from all EU member states and the UK only, without any quarantine procedures or medical tests.

Some European countries require a recent Corona test before traveling to it (German)

France .. traveling without conditions

France decided to open all its borders to travelers coming from most of the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), as well as Monaco, San Marino, Vatican and Andorra, without any restrictions. Also, it is not required to provide any medical certificate proving that travelers are free of the Corona virus.

And according to the French Interior Ministry’s statements, the easing of the procedures to prevent receiving travelers from outside the European Union will start with the beginning of next July, and students will be given priority in entry regardless of the country coming from.

Greece .. medical tests

Greece will resume flights to most countries next week, with the exception of the countries listed as having a high risk of transmission, by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Passengers arriving from the airports listed on the European Aviation Safety Agency list, such as France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium, must undergo the necessary medical tests with the implementation of the quarantine. As for those arriving from other countries, they will be randomly tested.

A decision will be taken regarding arrivals from Turkey within the next week, and travel by sea will be allowed from the beginning of next July.

As for travelers from outside the European Union, Greece has announced that it will adhere to the list of countries announced by the European Union's Aviation Safety Agency.

Cyprus .. travel according to regulations

Since June 9, Cyprus has allowed travelers coming from within the European Union to travel to it on the condition that a negative test certificate for the Corona virus is presented within the past 72 hours.

As of June 20, any restrictions on travelers coming from within the European Union will be lifted, except for those coming from Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as they must submit a negative certificate from the Corona virus test or take the test inside Cyprus for 69 euros. , While pledging to isolate them until their medical results.

The authorities in Cyprus require that every passenger fill out a form specific to the Coronavirus, before boarding the plane, which includes medical data and general questions about pre-infection or any symptoms.

Czech Republic .. conditional travel

The Czech Republic will later announce that the European Union will be divided into three sections, according to the colors of the traffic lights (green, orange and red).

Travelers coming from countries with green color are allowed to enter the country without any restrictions, while entry will be completely prevented from countries with red color, and entry will be allowed according to conditions from countries with medium-risk orange color such as conducting a medical examination or commitment to quarantine.

Finland .. Travel is available according to regulations

Finland has decided to allow entry for travelers from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and some restrictions will remain imposed on other countries - including Sweden - until July 14.

The authorities recommend a two-week quarantine for arrivals from countries that have not lifted restrictions.

Sweden .. Travel is available 

There are no restrictions on travelers entering Sweden from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom, and this is part of Sweden's unconventional strategy against the Corona virus.