He was 18 years old when he suffered a serious car accident in London. Since 2005, Al Walid bin Jalid bin Talal al Saud has remained in a coma in the face of his parents' refusal to follow medical advice and disconnect him from the machine that maintains his last breath of life. The family of the baptized "sleeping prince" of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a new misfortune this week: Mohamed, one of the prince's brothers in brain death, has suffered a traffic accident in similar circumstances.

His relatives have shared on social networks the images of the vehicle, a luxurious sports car, burned and reduced to a mess of irons. Mohamed, however, has had better luck than his brother. One of the snapshots released in recent days shows the young man on a hospital stretcher, fully conscious and with his arms ready as a sign of strength.

Mohamed, brother of Al Walid bin Jalid, who has suffered an accident similar to his, although he is recovering favorably.

Al Walid and Mohamed are nephews of one of Saudi Arabia's top fortunes, billionaire Al Walid bin Talal (64). The most atypical and liberal of the Saudi princes, with millions of followers on social networks, is the owner of Kingdom Holding, the company that groups together assets spread throughout the world with a wealth that Forbes magazine estimates at 17,000 million dollars (some 14,000 million euros). It has stakes in Apple, Twitter, Citigroup, Four Seasons or Disney.

The "sleeping prince" has become a symbol in the halls of the Saudi court. For more than a decade, he was admitted to an intensive care unit of a Riyadh hospital. Four years ago, however, he was transferred to the family residence. In January, his brother, now convalescent Mohamed, denied on Twitter the death of Al Walid. Last year the family broke into the networks to celebrate that the young man in a comatose state had shaken his head.

State in which Mohamed's car has been left after the accident.

"Al Walid has been in a coma for more than 15 years and continues," a source familiar with the family situation told LOC. During these years, the young man's father, Jaled bin Talal, has maintained his refusal to disconnect his son, hoping that "one day a miracle would take place and he could recover life." "God who guarded his soul for more than a decade is capable of bringing him back to life," he declared a year ago, with the announcement of the shy movements he had starred in.

The Jaled clan is well positioned in the vast Saudi royal family. The grandfather, who died in December 2018, was the brother of the current King Salmán (84) and was Saudi Minister of Finance in the early 1960s. Shortly thereafter, he was briefly exiled after defending the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in a kingdom that the Saud manage as their private preserve. His kinship has not saved Jaled, very critical of the social and political reforms that the country is experiencing.

In late 2017, he was arrested for showing his public rejection of the actual decision to strip the controversial religious police of power to sign arrests. He had previously shown his rejection of the return of theaters to the country. Since then he has spent several seasons behind bars. Currently, as this supplement has learned, he is at large with restrictions on movement . In family snapshots published this week, he appears sitting in a hospital chair waiting for news from his son Mohamed.

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