NY stocks Dow average fell for 3 consecutive days Concern over re-expansion of new corona infection June 20 5:52

The New York stock market on the 19th fell for the third consecutive day due to concerns over the economic impact of the respreading of the new coronavirus.

The closing price of the New York Stock Exchange Dow Average stock price on the 19th was $258,71,46 cents lower than the previous day, at $258,71,46 cents, interrupting $26,000.

The price started to rise on this day, but when Apple reported that it would close the store again in areas such as Florida where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus was increasing, I was concerned about the impact on the economic outlook. , Suddenly the price went down.

After that, although there was a move to buy back, it eventually fell for the third consecutive day.

On the other hand, the Nasdaq stock index rose slightly for the sixth consecutive day.

Market officials said, "The optimistic and pessimistic views of the future of the economy have been mixed, and the price has continued to be unstable. Is talking.