Illustration of the music festival, in Lille before the Covid-19. - Gilles Durand / 20 Minutes

  • The Fête de la Musique will be held on Sunday in a unique atmosphere, marked by the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • The event must not create crowds.
  • The Instagram account “lille_france” will broadcast videos of musicians from Lille all day Sunday.

Looks like masked balls. The Fête de la musique 2020 will be held on Sunday in a singular atmosphere, marked by the Covid-19 epidemic. "To guarantee the security of all, this event must not, in fact, create unauthorized gatherings," said the northern prefecture, in a statement. So how is it going to be in Lille?

As everywhere in France, festive or cultural events bringing together more than ten people are always prohibited on public space. However, by respecting the sanitary rules, in particular of physical distancing and wearing of the mask, small concerts can be organized, on condition of not creating crowds.

Sound truck prohibited

In cafes, bars or restaurants, the city of Lille allows concerts of acoustic music inside and "concerts in small groups near the terraces with special authorization", specifies the town hall. On the other hand, a formal ban for amplified music and sound truck type installations.

"We will long remember the special experience of this Fête de la Musique", says the manager of the W in Wazemmes. From Saturday evening, a karaoke with pianist is organized in this rather spacious bar. “We can install 80 seats. For other smaller places, it's much more complicated, ”she explains.

Indoor or outdoor concerts

For the owner of Chez Madeleine, also at Wazemmes, the live event, scheduled for Sunday, "will wait for better days". “It is impossible to respect social distances on the terraces. So we are going to have a very measured Music Festival, as it is imposed on us ”, he regrets,“ very disappointed ”. “Last year was my biggest day of sales. "

In fact, only a dozen places have already delivered their musical programming, in different districts: the Midland in Moulins, the Bidule or the Voisinnerie in Wazemmes, the Musical in Fives, the Lovibond in the center…. "At the latest, until 11 pm," warns the town hall, in a press release.

Note the only open air concert in front of Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille cathedral on Sunday evening. Otherwise, amateur musicians will also be out if they wish. Authorized in the public space, "they are invited to favor ambulatory forms as much as possible", underlines the town hall.

An equally digital music festival

Finally, there is one last way to celebrate music: staying at home in front of your screen. Amateur musicians are invited by the town hall to share their musical content on their Instagram profile with the hashtag #LesMusiciensLilloisOntDuTalent. A short video posted before Sunday can thus be relayed in stories on the Instagram account "lille_france" all day Sunday.

See the Music Festival folder

The city of Lille also promises to relay on this account "a selection of musical content created by associations or cultural operators from Lille". Like, for example, the Lille National Orchestra, accompanied by the children of the DEMOS European Metropolitan Orchestra of Lille, which announced a remote concert, visible on its Youtube channel, Sunday, from 4.30 p.m.


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