Synthetic image of the future Nantes tramway (from 2022). - RCP

The Nantes Métropole bidding committee has decided: Alstom will build the fourth generation of Nantes tramways. A total of 61 new trains will be ordered for a provisional budget of 235 million euros. The design could start this year, followed by the testing and approval phases until 2022. The new trams are expected on the network in 2023.

The Alstom company is well known in Nantes since it was already the company that had already manufactured the first generation of tramways in 1985 and whose trains are still in use. However, the latter are intended to be withdrawn.

Computer-generated image of the interior of the future Nantes tram line. - RCP

Higher capacity

The main novelty of the future tram will be that it is longer than the trams currently in circulation (48 m versus 40 m maximum today), which will allow it to take on an additional 50 people for a total of around 300 passengers. Its design, suggested by the RCP agency, will be distinguished from current trains by a flat and inclined nose-cabin, by large bay windows, by a film promoting reflections on the body, and by a dark color on the sides.

The second generation of Nantes trams, developed by Bombardier, arrived in 2000. The third, produced by the Spanish CAF, dates from 2012.


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