US-Japan Trade Agreement Second Stage Negotiation “I want to start in a few months” US Trade Representative June 18 12:18

The US representative of Lightheiser has indicated his willingness to start a few months later on the second phase of negotiations in a new area for the Japan-US trade agreement, which came into effect this January.

In January this year, a new trade agreement on the reduction of tariffs on agricultural products and industrial products came into effect between the two governments, but the policy is to negotiate on a new negotiation area within four months. did.

``I couldn't start because of the new coronavirus, but I'm planning to start the second phase of negotiations in the next few months,'' Lightheiser said in a hearing in the House of Representatives. He expressed his willingness to start the next consultation.

Although we have not disclosed specific negotiation areas, there are calls from the US industry to open new markets in agricultural products such as rice and service areas such as finance.

In the United States, the presidential election will be held in November, but the situation has changed, such as the economy that President Trump, who is aiming for re-election, has been appealing for his achievements due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Therefore, if President Trump rushes to achieve trade outcomes toward the election campaign, it could affect the second-stage negotiations.