The PP believes that Pablo Iglesias should give "explanations" as soon as possible about the case of his adviser's SIM card, which was destroyed while in the custody of the current second vice-president of the Government. "It is a murky subject that now stars Iglesias, who came to storm the skies and has managed to muddy everything around him," popular sources point out .

This newspaper revealed on Wednesday that Judge Manuel García-Castellón has asked the United Kingdom for judicial cooperation to investigate the destruction of the mobile card that Iglesias already returned unusable to his former adviser Dina Bousselham. The magistrate of the National Court has sent an international rogatory commission in which he claims all the possible information about it from the company to which Bousselham sent the SIM in an attempt to gain access to its content.

"We demand explanations from Churches. That they stop opposing the opposition and give a press conference to answer the questions of the journalists after the information from EL MUNDO," adds Pablo Montesinos, deputy secretary general of Communication for the PP.

García Castellón has ratified his decision to withdraw Iglesias from the status of injured in the case against José Manuel Villarejo for the leak of private data from Bousselham, and points to the leader of Podemos as responsible for the destruction of the SIM card, which It could have criminal consequences. The judge indicates that Iglesias hid for months from his former adviser the possession of the SIM card.

"It is inferred from the actions that Mr. Iglesias, despite being aware of the content of the card and its theft, did not return the card to Dina until later, with consequences for the clarification of the facts investigated," he points out. the car.

For the PP, it is a serious case that requires more explanations from Churches: "Now justice, which he criticizes so much, has to be the same for everyone, be it any citizen or a vice president with an armchair in the CNI" popular sources add .

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JusticeThe judge of the 'Villarejo case' offers the former adviser to Pablo Iglesias greater protection after his version change

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