Earlier this year, MSB signed an agreement with the company Saab for two so-called less buoyant aircraft. On Monday, the firefighting flight was activated in connection with the forest and ground fire that raged outside Österby in Uppland. The operation thus became the first sharp operation in which the two aircraft were used. Johan Sjöstrand was one of the pilots during the operation, which started in Skavsta outside Nyköping, where the aircraft is stationed.

How was it?

- It was a pretty quick effort, and we attacked the fire from the sides. They try to avoid the front, where it is difficult to see because of the smoke, says Johan Sjöstrand, who works for Saab - who manages the firefighting flights for MSB.

- The advantage for us is that we also take water in adjacent watercourses.

The public must keep away

Sometimes, as of Monday, there are generally nearby. For better or worse.

- Some stood and waved at the bathing area on Lake Stordammen. It is fun but it can be an annoying moment if there are boats or watercraft out and running - then we have to put the sirens on until they back away.

In total, the less scooping aircraft released 60,000 liters of water on 24 traps in the fire. The new aircraft will be able to operate throughout Sweden and also help other European countries.

"The aircraft are very important if it is a dry summer," says Johan Sjöstrand.

In the clip above you can see how the two aircraft work.