His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, confirmed the UAE’s continued enhancement of its capabilities and development in the energy sector, under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince:

“We appreciate the efforts of our sons and daughters in developing and expanding the Ruwais complex and increasing its capabilities to enhance the state’s standing.”

"I am proud of the efforts of the working groups to ensure the continuity of production to serve the national economy."

This came during a visit by His Highness to the facilities of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for refining and petrochemicals in Ruwais, during which he was briefed on the progress made by the company in implementing its strategy for refining and petrochemicals, plans and projects to enhance the economic return and profitability in this sector.

During his tour of the facilities and facilities in the Ruwais complex, His Highness praised the Emirati cadres for their commitment to business continuity during the exceptional circumstances of the Coved-19 pandemic and their tireless efforts in serving the national economy and achieving progress, prosperity and happiness of the people of the Emirates.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said: “I was delighted to see my sons and daughters working for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and we appreciate their exceptional efforts during the last period to ensure the continuity of production work in the oil and gas sector, in addition to their efforts in developing and expanding the Ruwais complex, And increase its capabilities to enhance the state's position in the refining, petrochemical and derivatives sector, which is one of the main tributaries of industrial development and contributes to the diversification of our national economy, to serve the comprehensive development efforts in the country.

His Highness stressed the importance of effective cooperation between government agencies and ADNOC in responding to the "Covid-19" pandemic, which resulted in ensuring business continuity in all aspects and areas of the oil and gas sector.

His Highness commended the Ruwais City community for their efforts that they provide during this period, and their commitment to government guidelines, and ADNOC's measures to ensure the preservation of health, safety and the environment, as well as the "ADNOC" strategy in developing the Ruwais City, which contributes to promoting the growth of the economy, and secures the well-being of the residents of the region through projects Development drives economic prosperity and creates new job opportunities.

His Highness stressed that the oil and gas industry in the UAE has achieved during the past years important qualitative leaps in the process of developing and developing this vital sector, keeping pace with the development witnessed by the state to advance its economy and consolidate its role at the economic level regionally and globally, pointing out that «the state is continuing to implement distinguished quality future projects And ambitious to develop the energy sector industry according to the highest international standards.

In a tweet on Twitter, His Highness said: “I learned about the progress of business and growth and development initiatives at ADNOC facilities in Ruwais. I am proud of the efforts of the working teams to ensure the continuity of production to serve the national economy ... The UAE is continuing to work on developing its capabilities in the energy sector and promoting an advanced industrial base to build a sustainable economy.

His Highness started the visit at ADNOC refining facilities, where he was briefed on the progress of the development and expansion of the Ruwais industrial complex, and the company's plans to enhance flexibility and increase the value of its business in the field of refining and petrochemicals, and attract foreign direct investments through strategic partnerships, such as those signed by ADNOC Refining with « Italian Eni and Austrian OMV last year.

His Highness listened to a comprehensive explanation about the facilities and facilities of the Ruwais complex and the progress in implementing projects that contribute to increasing the production capacity of the raw materials needed by the main projects, and supporting the opportunities offered by the Ruwais complex for petrochemical derivatives to global investors and partners.

His Highness also reviewed the project to enhance the flexibility of refining crude oil in Ruwais, which, upon completion, will contribute to developing the capabilities of ADNOC and enabling it to increase value and achieve the largest returns from each barrel of oil it produces.

His Highness listened to an explanation about the successful measures taken by ADNOC to respond to the "Covid-19" pandemic, which included the provision of medical examinations in land and marine sites through mobile screening teams and employment of medical capabilities of medical facilities and cadres, to meet the needs of employees in all sites, and the application of health procedures And preventive, such as social divergence and continuous sterilization of workplaces and facilities, in addition to the company's use of artificial intelligence techniques, affiliated with the Panorama Center for Digital Control in analyzing data on the spread of the virus, drawing virtual scenarios, and developing plans to ensure business continuity and preserve the health and safety of human cadres.

Investments .. and job opportunities

Minister of State, CEO of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company "ADNOC" and its group of companies, Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, said that "ADNOC is going ahead with the implementation of its ambitious plans for responsible investment and raising efficiency to achieve the maximum value of every barrel of oil we produce, including the development of the Ruwais Petrochemical Derivatives and Industries complex." Transformational, through the establishment of an integrated business system in Ruwais that contributes to enhancing local added value and attracting foreign investments, enhancing local expertise, exchanging knowledge and technology and providing job opportunities ».

It is expected that the Al-Ruwais Industrial Park will become a global destination of choice for investors and manufacturers who wish to establish their business in the Emirates, given the attractive it provides to investors, as it is a basic base for providing raw materials that are used in the production of a full range of basic products along the petrochemical value chain.

Investments in Al Ruwais will contribute to creating more specialized job opportunities in the UAE, and enhance and expand the ADNOC program to enhance local added value.

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