Violette Spillebout, candidate (LREM) for mayor of Lille. - Sarah Alcalay / SIPA

  • After the first round of municipal elections on March 15, three candidates remain for mayor of Lille: Martine Aubry (PS), Stéphane Baly (EELV) and Violette Spillebout (LREM).
  • Arriving in 3rd position with 17.5% of the votes cast, Violette Spillebout is an outsider.
  • The candidate wants to "release initiatives" and "ease the constraints felt today by artisans and traders".

She wants to embody a "new political offer". Martine Aubry's former chief of staff, Violette Spillebout, became her political opponent in this election. Invested by the presidential party (LREM), it hopes to gather the voices of the opponents of the mayor of Lille during this second round of municipal elections to unbolt it. But with 17.5% in the first round, on March 15, the task looks difficult.

What has changed the confinement in the campaign?

We have seen inequalities grow between small businesses and large ones, between people who have no job and employees. The 170 measures that we are proposing are not new, but the economic situation means that we have placed priorities on access to care and protection for the most fragile.

What will be your guideline if you are elected?

We want to release initiatives. A lot of solidarity has shown itself in all areas in recent weeks. The town hall must be at the service of entrepreneurship. The constraints felt today by artisans and merchants in this city must be relaxed.

What will be your most iconic measurement?

The first measure that we are going to put in place is the “accessibus”. It is a vehicle that will reach residents, in all neighborhoods, to facilitate administrative procedures.

How do you approach the second round?

We are in a post-crisis configuration. The government had a difficult job and it did a good job. We feel a historic moment for Lille. Change is possible and I embody this new political offer. Voters must be mobilized, even if it is difficult under current conditions. Some people don't even know the date of the second round yet.

Precisely, how do you analyze the very strong abstention in the first round?

Twenty years of mayor power have kept the people of Lille away from politics. Martine Aubry is too divisive. In her first mandates, she was able to restore momentum in the districts, but today, this breath is cut.

What will make the election?

It's the personality. The municipal ones are a mark of attachment of the voters to their mayor. However, her score, less than 30%, shows that she is disowned. There was a break during the last mandate. She ruled in an authoritarian manner, notably on issues such as the traffic plan and educational rhythms.

What do you think is the main black spot in the city?

It has lagged far behind the ecological transition, soft mobility and zero waste. Besides, I'm going to make traffic in Lille a priority. The traffic plan will be changed because it represents nonsense and the symbol of an opposition between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

This risks giving more space to the car…

No, the pedestrianization project for the city center and Old Lille, which we are proposing, must, on the contrary, reduce this space for the car. But we must offer an alternative that is up to par. For example, there are not enough V'Lille stations in Bois-Blanc for companies like Euratechnologie. Ditto in Lille-Sud for the population. We are going to work with the Lille metropolitan area on the subject.

Results of the municipal elections in Lille

How do you intend to collaborate with the metropolis which effectively brings together many skills that cities no longer have?

The city must not be alone and isolated in front of the metropolis. However, Lille's contempt for small towns has sometimes led to isolation. I have good relations with Gérald Darmanin [re-elected mayor of Tourcoing] and Guillaume Delbart [current mayor of Roubaix]. They are new faces and they have good relations with the State. It is important to move the files forward. There needs to be a better understanding between the four major municipalities of Lille, Roubaix Tourcoing and Villeneuve d'Ascq.

How will you manage the town hall differently?

I don't want to be caught up in technocracy. I promise to be half the time outside the town hall to stay connected with the population. To do this, you must know how to delegate your power to municipal councilors.


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