18 Governor's Elections for Tokyo Candidates As of 11:30 am June 18, 11:57

The Tokyo Governor's election following the expiration of his term was announced on the 18th, and so far 18 candidates have run. A 17-day election campaign started for the voting day on the 5th of next month, with issues such as evaluation of Koike Metropolitan Government and measures against the new coronavirus.

By the time of 11:30 am, the candidates for the Tokyo Governor's election were notified in the order in which they were filed.
▽Reiwa Shinsengumi representative, newcomer Taro Yamamoto (45)
▽ Independent incumbent Yuriko Koike (67)
▽ Mr. Hiroko Nanami (35), Head of Public Relations Headquarters for Newcomers and Happiness Achievement Party (35)
▽Independent newcomer, Kenji Utsunomiya (73), ex-chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations
, Sakurai Makoto (48)
▽Independent newcomer and former caregiver Hiroshi
Komiyama (46)
▽Independent newcomer , former Vice Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture recommended by the Japan Restoration Association Taisuke Ono (46) ▽Independent newcomer Former Asahi Shimbun employee Hideyuki Takemoto (64)
▽ Rookie of various groups and singer Makoto Nishimoto (33)
▽ Independent newcomer, Mr. Yasuhiro Sekiguchi, president of the building management company (68)
▽ NPO corporation Representative Mr. Kiyoetsu Oshikoshi (61)
▽ Mr. Osamu Hattori, a musician who is
a rookie of various factions and a party that protects the people from NHK (46) ▽ A rookie of various affairs, who protects the people from NHK who is the head Takashi Tachibana to be recommended (52)
▽ party would recommend to protect the public from NHK in the rookie of the factions, businessman Mr. Kenichiro Saito secretary (39)
▽ Mr. Teruki Goto rookie of factions (37)
▽ writers independent of rookie Shiomi Nozawa (44)
▽ Mr. Koji Ichikawa, a newcomer to various events and event producer (58)
▽ Independent and new journalist Hitoshi Ishii (55)

In this election, the Liberal Democratic Party has a de facto voluntary vote, but the secretary-general upstairs has shown the idea of ​​supporting Yuriko Koike, who is incumbent. Also, the Komeito does not endorse or endorse, but it is essentially supporting Mr. Koike.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the Social Democratic Party are planning to support Kenji Utsunomiya, the former chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

The Japan Restoration Society recommends former Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Taisuke Ono.

Reiwa Shinsengumi has officially approved the representative, Mr. Taro Yamamoto.

The party that protects the people from NHK recommends Takashi Tachibana and other leaders.

The National Democratic Party has decided a voluntary vote.

In the election campaign, it is expected that the issue will be the evaluation of Kosei Metropolitan Government, measures against the new coronavirus, and response to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which were postponed for one year.

The deadline for candidates for the Tokyo Governor Election will be closed at 5 pm, and after 17 days of election campaign, voting will be held on the 5th of next month.