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a Korean shop in New York, an incident occurred when a Korean employee who asked to "wear a mask" was assaulted by a customer. Police are chasing men.

Reporter Choi Ho-won on the sidewalk.


A black man enters the store without a mask.

When a Korean employee, Kim Mo, asked to wear a mask, he threatened with a close face, then suddenly assaulted his face.

When Mr. Surprised Kim steps back, he approaches, kicks again, and hits his face again with a fist.

Mr. Kim stumbles and falls to the floor.

Black men leave the store as they are.

On the afternoon of the 12th, an incident occurred in a Korean beauty supplies store in Albany, the capital of New York State, USA. This black man said, "Where are you from? I will not wear a mask because of people like you." It is known to spit even saliva.

[Jesse Park/Corporate Owner: When I went to the store, the staff face was so swollen here and there that I was so upset… (Employee) The blood on my nose and mouth continued to bleed.]

Corona19 In New York State, where cumulative diagnoses exceeded 400,000 people, wearing masks is mandatory for shoppers and others.

Local police are chasing assaulters based on CCTV footage installed inside the store.

On the other hand, on the 13th, a white male in a convenience store in Queens, New York, made a racial remark to Kwon Mo, a Korean American, and pushed Kwon to shoot it.

New York police say they are filing and investigating Mr. Kwon's report.