Turkish special forces penetrated into northern Iraq as part of a new military operation targeting the PKK, and the operation was paved with artillery and air strikes.

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced at dawn today, Wednesday, the launch of the "claw-tiger" operation, which comes about 48 hours after an air operation called "claw-eagle", during which more than 80 targets of the Workers' Party were bombed in northern Iraq.

The ministry said in a series of tweets and a statement that a number of Turkish thunderbolt forces, backed by helicopters and jet planes, crossed the border into Haftinin, which is located at a depth of 15 km inside Iraqi territory.

She added that the preparations were made for the deployment of special forces with intense artillery shelling targeting Labor Party sites in the region, and Turkish warplanes also carried out raids simultaneously on the positions of Kurdish militants.

She added that the new military operation is continuing successfully, and the ministry has published videos of Defense Minister Khulsi Akar and military leaders who are following the progress of the operation from an office in the Ministry of Defense.

ACCAR and military leaders monitor the military operation in northern Iraq (Anadolu Agency)

Turkish response
The Turkish Ministry of Defense explained that the "claw-tiger" operation came in response to the repeated provocative shootings on the Turkish regions and outposts.

She added that the process stems from Turkey's right to legitimate defense of its lands, and it also comes within the framework of international laws.

Ankara announced at dawn on Monday an air operation called "claw-eagle", targeting the PKK strongholds in the areas of Sinjar, Qirgiyeq, Qandil, Zab, Afshin Basyan and Hakurk in northern Iraq, noting the bombing of caves, bunkers and fortifications.

She said at the time that the operation came in response to recent attacks by PKK militants, and one of the attacks targeted a bus carrying workers in the state of "Wan" (southeastern Turkey), killing two of them and wounding eight others.

This Turkish operation sparked a protest by Iraq, which it considered a violation of its sovereignty, and summoned the Turkish Ambassador to inform him of the protest.