Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 10:34 PM

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  • The detention. France detains Txapote, ETA's military chief, after the gang assassinated two workers
  • The investigation. Police confirm that 'Txapote' murdered Miguel Angel Blanco
  • Sentence. Txapote sentenced to 33 years in prison for the murder of a prison official in 2000
  • Newspaper library. All information about ETA

It was June 25, 22 years ago. Manuel Zamarreño was in ETA's crosshairs. He had already been pointed out by his puppies with attacks on his vehicle, in the vicinity of his house in Renteria ( San Sebastián ). That morning, around 11.00 am, ETA activated an explosive and ended his life. He left his home in the Capuchinos neighborhood to buy the bread and when he returned, the terrorists detonated remotely the three kilos of ammonals they had placed on a motorcycle parked on the sidewalk next to his house.

Zamarreño was hit squarely. The ertzaina in charge of guarding him, Juan María Quintana , was also wounded in the attack . Zamarreño, married and with two children, was a councilor in the Renteria City Council for the PP, a position in which he had spent 34 days replacing the also assassinated by ETA, the popular mayor José Luis Caso .

Now, when 22 years of his murder are about to be completed, Justice begins to place the last pieces of this puzzle, one of the unfinished, one of those more than 300 ETA murders were still to be clarified.

In this case, it is the judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno who has taken the penultimate step: the prosecution of one of the most bloodthirsty ETA members of the 21st century, Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, Txapote , a member of the command that ended the life of Zamarriego.

This crime was another of the pending pieces in the history of the fight against terrorism. On the 11th, Judge Moreno decreed the indictment, in a summary that came to be, in 1999, in a provisional dismissal.

As explained by the judge in the brief in the possession of EL MUNDO, the PP councilor exploded with an artifact placed inside or behind a moped, parked on the sidewalk, in Renteria. He was killed on the spot and his escort, with various serious injuries.

The judge, based on police reports, points out that it could be concluded that the attack on Zamarreño "was committed by the members of the Donosti command of the time: Javier García Gaztelu Txapote , Irantzu Gallastegi Amaia and the late José Luis Gueresta Múgica .

The judge bases his assertion, among other evidentiary material, on the description provided by the witnesses of the time, who assured that in the days prior to the attack two people whose descriptions coincided with those of Txapote and Gueresta were in the area of ​​the attack.

Former ETA military chief Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, 'Txapote', during a trial in 2009.EFE

One of them was operating "a kind of radio-controlled electronic game". The specialists of the Ertzaintza understood that the ETA members were already carrying out tests to commit the attack. The moped where the bomb was placed was purchased by a woman who responds to Irantzu Gallastegi's description.

The judge cites several recent reports prepared by both the Ertzaintza, the General Information Commissariat of the National Police and the Information Service of the Civil Guard, to conclude that one of the perpetrators of the murder of Zamarriego is one of the most bloody ETA members.

Among others, García Gaztelu participated in the crimes of Alfonso Morcillo , sergeant of the San Sebastián Municipal Police, on December 15, 1994; the Basque MP from the PP Gregorio Ordóñez , on January 25, 1995; the murder of the murder of the socialist leader Fernando Múgica ; and the crime of Miguel Ángel Blanco on July 12, 1997.

The judge also endorses the proposals of the Prosecutor's Office on the situation of García Gaztelu in the command and accepts as good the testimonies given at the police and judicial headquarters by some of the collaborators of the Donosti command to which the now accused belonged.

The president of the Villacisneros Foundation , Íñigo Gómez-Pineda , assures: "The decision of the head of court 2 of the National Court is magnificent news. For this Villacisneros Foundation it is a satisfaction to be able to contribute to victims such as the family of Manuel Zamarreño, receive the legal reparation they deserve. "

"We continue offering our collaboration to all those victims who want to receive legal help so that the murder of their relatives does not go unpunished. It is the least we can do to repair the damage caused by ETA, especially at this time when the complicit paper is laundered. played by his political figureheads. "

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