Walid al-Hathloul, brother of the Saudi detainee, Lujain, said that the family had submitted a petition to the United Nations against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates about the violations of his sister's human rights.

Al-Hathloul said in a tweet on his Twitter account that these violations include kidnapping from the UAE and torture in a secret prison, adding that "it is sad that Saudi Arabia has not only violated human rights, but international laws."

He indicated in the petition submitted to the United Nations that prison authorities have intermittently suspended the weekly phone calls that Jane Hathloul with her family have made weekly. Although contact has been restored, there are urgent concerns about the security and safety of her current detention.

A United Nations petition was filed against the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia regarding the horrific human rights violations suffered by Jane from the kidnapping of the Emirates to torture in a secret prison and all 14 points were earned. Sadly, Saudi Arabia has not only violated human rights but also international laws. https://t.co/MZ0GF79wIh

- Walid Alhathloul Walid Al-Hathloul (@WalidAlhathloul) June 17, 2020

The United Nations Group on Arbitrary Detention considers - according to the petition - that the Saudi government violates international human rights law, and demanded the immediate release of the activist, Jin.

Lujain Al-Hathloul is a journalist who has studied in the United States. She is known for defending the rights of Saudi women, and has been arrested more than once because of her positions.

Lujain was arrested in mid-2018 after a security campaign targeting human rights activists, who were charged with several charges, including communicating with outside organizations.

Al-Hathloul's family says that Lujain was subjected to torture and harassment. French President Emmanuel Macron, in previous statements, also called on the Saudi authorities to release her.