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"I have no memories. Apparently I did. This is what emerges from the hearings and the reconstitution ”. Tuesday, at the helm of the Loire Assize Court in Saint-Etienne, Djamal Bengou acknowledged all the charges brought against him, without however explaining his passage to the act of November 3, 2016, reports Le Progrès. 

That early morning, this father went to his ex-wife's home in Bonson to pick up their three children, then aged 3 to 7, and take them to school. Inside the pavilion, he had come across his ex's new companion, whom he had stabbed twice with a knife, before injuring the mother of his children and leaving the house with the little ones, partly witnesses of the scene . Then, as if nothing had happened, he had taken the children to school, where he had been calmly arrested by the gendarmes.

A violent man

Seriously injured, the new companion, aged 27, died shortly after his admission to the operating room of the northern hospital of Saint-Etienne. During the trial of the accused, tried since Monday in assizes and described by psychiatric experts as having "all the characteristics of the perpetrators of domestic violence", the concept of impaired discernment, mentioned by one of the specialists, does not was not retained.

The father was sentenced to eighteen years' imprisonment for killing the man he saw only as a rival to be eliminated and for intentional violence against his ex-wife.


Loire: Father suspected of having killed his ex's companion under investigation for "assassination"

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